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Top 5 Live Stream Apps for Event Planners in New York

Live streaming is a huge opportunity for Event Planners in New York to make more money for their events.

The categories we looked at are extremely wide. It is like comparing oranges with apples in some cases. Comparing a get together with friends and a 20,000-attendee convention is the same exercise, yet they are both events. We highlighted only the features that should matter to Event Planners in New York if you are unsure about what to pick for live streaming events.

Here are the scoring criteria for each app:

  • Platform Compatibility
  • Event Tool
  • Advanced Features
  • Integration
  • Virality
  • Usability
  • Editorial Rating
  • Overall Rating

Below we will provide an in-depth review of the top 5 live stream apps for Event Planners in New York, along with the pros and cons for each.

Top 5 Live Stream Apps for Event Planners in New York

  1. Facebook Live
  2. Youtube Live
  3. Twitch
  4. Periscope
  5. Instagram Live

Facebook Live

Facebook Live is the tool that most Event Planners in New York have used and that has democratized live streaming, making it accessible and popular. Facebook Live makes live streaming easy. It has a super simple platform that is easy to use whether you are on mobile or desktop.

It is one of the most integrated with platforms you will find. If you are using live streaming enabled devices or live broadcasting software, they almost certainly integrate with Facebook Live.


  • An incredible array of integration with all software and platforms out there
  • A good virality potential. Facebook is investing in live. If you struggle with the organic reach of your Facebook Page, using Facebook Live will help
  • Easy to use and extremely simple if you are on mobile – great if you have your event team on the show floor


  • Very annoying launch from the Facebook application only. You always have to log into your Facebook page to launch the live stream, this is bothersome when you use external software to manage your stream.
  • There are very limited event planning features. This is an app geared towards the long tail of users rather than event planners. It can be used, and it is used by planners but it is not made for events.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/live/create

Youtube Live

Youtube was one of the first to add live streaming features to their platform, yet it has had a tumultuous evolution with a change of policy, tools and features. The platform now offers tools that are useful for Event Planners in New York whether you are a lone live streamer, or you are planning fully fledged events with features such as monetization and ads.

The platform has quite advanced features and it offers one feature no other platform offers, the search potential of being on Youtube, powered by Google.


  • Immense search potential. Listing your live event on Youtube has no rivals. You also get the benefit of adding the stream as a standalone video once it is over.
  • Quite advanced and event specific features such as broadcast delay, live chat and automatic recording.
  • Caters for individual streamers as well as more advanced events requirements (Youtube Stream Now vs Youtube Events).


  • Lacks critical mass and hence the potential virality for the live product that Facebook has.
  • You have to wait for 24 hours before getting approved to stream
  • No advanced event features such as guest list management, paywalls and lead generation.

Website: https://www.youtube.com/live_dashboard_splash


Now Twitch is a completely separate category here. We are talking long tail, evolved into mainstream and taking over events. We are talking about live streaming of video games.

You shouldn’t be concerned about this if you plan events?


Wrong, so wrong.

With an e-sport arena just opened here in Las Vegas, e-sports are becoming a fully-fledged category of events with huge budgets and attendance. Twitch is the king platform of this world. It has the credit to have brought a new concept to the masses. It offers an incredible array of tools, integrations, features, as well as innovative concepts such as peer to peer payment. It is very common to accept donations if you are a creator, something that Youtube and other platforms lag in implementing.


  • The place to be if you are involved in gaming events.
  • An incredible array of features and integrations.
  • Supported by most broadcasting software.


  • No use for other types of events.
  • Very specific demographic on the platform.
  • It can be overwhelming for the first-time user. It takes some time to get used to it.

Website: https://www.twitch.tv/


Periscope has been among the most used streaming platforms for Event Planners in New York in past years. The platform suffers from the lack of traction Twitter is having in general, with Facebook being the more successful alternative users prefer. Having said that, if Twitter is an important component of your social media strategy, then Periscope definitely helps to get more eyeballs on your tweets.

As Twitter is navigating more towards a Facebook style, algorithmic display of updates that is not time bound but displays highlights for longer periods of time, you have an opportunity to display your stream recording for longer.


  • Periscope integrates deeply with Twitter, therefore, offering all the benefits in terms of virality that Twitter has to offer.
  • Periscope has a basic but solid suite of analytics that helps you quickly understand the performance of your stream.
  • Periscope is solidly the second most integrated platform. This is a big plus for those using third-party broadcasting tools for more complex live streaming needs.


  • The Twitter platform is not built to offer a great live streaming experience. It doesn’t feel part of it and engagement may suffer.
  • Periscope is somewhat limited in terms of event planning specific features. It is more geared to the standalone user.
  • Periscope lacks advanced features such as monetization, ads, closed captions and the like. It is a basic live streaming platform.

Website: Via the app. https://www.pscp.tv

Instagram Live

Instagram Live is a much younger initiative compared to Facebook, Youtube and Twitter, yet it is one with high potential for virality. We are talking about a user based live streaming app. There is no presence whatsoever of advanced tools or event planning features. Yet, as many attendees engage with Instagram pages, having a live component from the backstage of your event or your actual event can have a quite significant potential.

The features are very limited with two-person streaming just being introduced to the platform. Once again this confirms the long tail strategy of Instagram, with Facebook serving more complex event iterations.


  • If Instagram is important in your social media mix, look no further, the potential is huge.
  • You will get more organic exposure. There are multiple reports that confirm the algorithm favoring live streamers.
  • The platform is very simple and usable making a great alternative for social media staff at events to use.


  • Too basic and limited. Instagram Live is a simple tool with simple features.
  • Non-existing integrations making it impossible to use with broadcasting software, encoders, etc.
  • No analytics! Really?

Website: Via the app. https://www.instagram.com/

In Conclusion

Live experiences are the perfect stage for Event Planners in New York to live stream events and share exciting content with their audience. Live streaming is a great way to involve those not attending your event in person and even to monetize your event. Whether you are looking for a simple social option that has the potential to go viral or a professional, high-quality broadcast via an advanced live streaming app, we hope our round-up of the best live stream options helps to simplify your search and highlight the right choice for your event. Understanding how to live stream could be a great choice for your event.