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How to Beat the Competition in the Industry

As a forward-thinking corporate event planner in New York, you need to constantly keep things fresh, always stay on the cutting edge, and be innovative to stand out in a sea of competition. While there’s no shortcut to success in the event planning scene, here are some tried-and-true ways to up your game in order to edge out your competitors.

Become the Trendsetter in your Niche

Owning your niche is an essential way to become a veteran corporate event planner in New York. That’s right, you ought to act like a trendsetter to stand out from the competition. Start off by knowing who the trailblazers are in the New York corporate event planning industry. Who comes to the top of your mind when you think of a formidable corporate event planner to reckon with in New York? That’s who you’re aiming to beat. What have they done to earn such an admirable title? In short, look out for what and who is on the up and up in your niche, and then become the best there is. It’s only this way that you can stay ahead of the pack.

Become a Strategist

I can’t emphasize enough the need for sheer creativity and innovation in the event planning niche. Of course, everyone will have a high expectation of your event productions, and you should be keen to their desires. Not only that, but remember that the aftermath is also crucial so your follow-up strategies should be impactful as well. Post pictures of their event, highlight different areas that stood out during the event on your own pages, and of course a follow-up call and/or email to remind them of how great it was to work with them will keep you winning.  That’s the basic reason why you need to think like a strategist.

How does that help with the big picture? It not only keeps you connected to your existing clients but it also serves as a way to brainstorm with your crew on how to push your brand forward, grow your events, and eventually spruce them up. That, coincidentally, implies that you should continually review your past events, and make sure to find ways to improve them. In short, see to it that you are rocking every facet of your events. If you have been going abuzz on social media, for example, make sure to nail it 100% on your event.

Make Headlines

An excellent corporate event planner in New York is well known for what he or she does. That’s why it pays to use your personal brand at every opportunity. Here, think of being active on blogging cycles, social media or doing interviews for myriad media houses. The bottom line is to put your name out there – and into the headlines.

Inspire Others

No veteran corporate event planner in New York can stand competition, unless he or she is inspirational to everyone, from attendees to exhibitors to staff. Write articles that inspires other event professionals and do the same with inspirational images and videos on your social media channels. Don’t worry, you’re not giving away secrets…you’re just demonstrating how great your work is. In turn, inspriing others who will admire you in the industry.

Take Advantage of Technology

Much like any industry, event planning industry has seen an upsurge of technological breakthroughs. So blend these technologies into your event management, from online registration kiosks to floor control and every step in between.

The Takeaway:

Being well known as a corporate event planner in New York is the key to a long-lasting career in the very competitive events industry. Your best bet is to aim to be a rock star against your competitors. It takes a great deal of hard work, inspiration, and time to be able to think creatively and implement groundbreaking ideas for each event you manage. If you test your ideas and continue to test them time and time again, you will ultimately have your clients sharing out your cool concepts on social media with thousands of others!