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Infuse Your Next Office Party with These 8 Cool Tech Activities

If you really want to elevate your next office party or company event, start exploring all the cool tech gadgets, activities, games, and engagements that everyone will love! Not sure where to start? It’s hard to stay up to date considering all the options out there and ever-changing innovations. Keep reading and let EMRG Media show what all the coolest office party technology activities are these days. Bring in a few of these innovative and fun activations, and your office party will be one for the books!

1. Hybrid Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are all the rage these days. They’re fun and a little nerve-racking, with timed puzzles to figure out and prizes in the balance. Your office party can bring all the excitement of the escape room experience with a little hybrid technology enhancement that leverages online experiences and virtual reality to make it incredibly dynamic for participants. And escape rooms are perfect for team-building among employees and guests. 

2. Augmented Reality Engagements

Really elevate your office party experience with augmented reality activities and engagements as part of your event entertainment. Augmented reality scavenger hunts, treasure hunts, or AR goggles can create engaging layers of fun. Massive brands, including Amazon, Target, and IKEA, use augmented reality to help customers. Games like Pokemon Go use augmented reality for fun. And even social apps like Snapchat use augmented reality for more engaging and interactive social media experiences. Use the coolest AR to boost engagement at your next office party!

3. Virtual Reality Experiences

Augmented reality is based on real-world settings and experiences. But virtual reality can transport participants to entirely new worlds, environments, and experiences. Bring the VR headsets to your next office party and stage fun games and competitions. Use this event technology to provide unique event experiences and dial up the excitement at your company outing.

4. Wearable Event Technology

Bring the wearables to your next office party! Today’s wearable event technology is great for all kinds of corporate events. Think of smart badges so team members who may not work together can meet fellow employees. RFID wristbands are great for quick and effortless guest registration, especially if your corporate event has a hefty invite list. But check out some of the other cool event technologies out there, in wearable form, that give office parties that innovative and state-of-the-art flare!

  • Smart badges
  • Wristbands
  • Earwear
  • Eyewear

5. Event Technology and Digital Trivia

Consider creating an event app for your office party or corporate event and use it to engage all your employees and guests before, during, and after the event. Engage them with digital trivia or other app-based games. Build employee excitement leading up to the event and keep participants engaged throughout the event. It’s another tech-based layer of activity, especially fun with prizes, guaranteed to boost attendee engagement.

6. Interactive Video Booths

Yes, bringing a photo booth to your office party is a must. But today’s photo booth companies and event services providers also have video booths. And the latest selfie stations harness all kinds of event technology, making these setups brilliant and wildly successful engagements at any corporate event. Explore options like:

  • Augmented reality photo booth
  • Green screen photo booth
  • 360-degree photo booths
  • Glam photo booths

7. Interactive Light Shows

Another fun way to infuse your office party with brilliant technology is with an interactive or entertaining light show. Partner with a dedicated audiovisual team and consider creating a memorable light display, maybe set to music or tied into your company brand. Transform the ambiance of your New York City venue and watch everyone react to incredible displays on the walls, ceilings, or dedicated LED panels. Wow them with a fully-immersive experience featuring lights and sounds.

8. Event Technology for More Than Entertainment

In addition to all the coolest event technology, you can bring other tech-based solutions to your office party. In fact, today’s event coordinators are leveraging all kinds of technology to help with all kinds of event planning efforts. So, start exploring all the latest gadgets and tech solutions to make planning your office party a breeze.

  • Email marketing tools for personalized office party communications
  • Event registration software for simplified check-ins
  • Digital diagramming software to design your event layouts
  • Mobile event apps for reduced waste
  • Social media tools for boosted engagements online
  • Virtual event platforms and solutions to connect remote teams
  • Electronic safety tools and equipment for security

If you’re charged with planning your company’s next corporate event or office party, spend some time exploring all the latest event tech for a truly elevated event experience. And if you really want to take the hassles out of event planning, let EMRG Media handle everything! We specialize in creating brilliant and stunning New York events, including high-profile and high-energy company parties, office get-togethers, and industry-leading conferences. Let us help you make light work of the planning, and we’ll make your office party one for the books!