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8 Reasons to Work With an Event Planner for All Your Industry Conferences & Corporate Events

When your company takes on the responsibility of planning or hosting a corporate event of any kind, your to-do list is going to be long. And if you’re curating a massive product launch event, industry conference, or regional trade show, you’re going to need more than a to-do list. For these corporate events, it’s best to bring in a professional event planner to help. And to help you sell the idea to your board or leaders that an experienced corporate event planning service is needed, we’ve put together a list of eight reasons why you shouldn’t leave your industry conferences or corporate events to anyone else.

1. New York Corporate Event Planners Know Everyone

For starters, because a professional event planner curates events for a living, they have all the connections to all the best event services. Working with a pro in planning your New York corporate event means taking the guesswork out of knowing who to call for the best venues, the best event entertainment, the best event caterers, and more.

2. Event Planning Professionals Are Problem-Solvers

Corporate events and industry conferences are fun to plan when everything goes well. But in most event planning experiences, there is an obstacle, a no-show, or a challenge that arises. And for that reason, you’ll want a seasoned pro in your corner for flawless problem-solving. Event planners have seen it all, meaning they know just how to remedy nearly any event planning situation.

3. They’re Brilliant at Sticking to a Corporate Event Budget

Professional event coordinators, especially event planners in New York City, possess another brilliant talent – sticking to and working within budget. Bring in a pro when planning your corporate event and know exactly what to expect regarding costs and earnings. And then watch your partner work their magic in bringing all the impressive elements together without blowing the budget.

4. New York Event Planners Save Time at Every Step

When you work with a New York event planner, you’re essentially delegating all those time-consuming tasks to someone else. Don’t stress about calling and meeting with all your event services partners. Don’t worry about penciling in time to sample menu options or visiting area venues. Your dedicated event planner will handle all of the above, saving you invaluable time at every step of the planning process.

5. Event Planners Are Marketing Pros, Too

Many corporate events and industry conferences or trade shows are open to the public or have a massive invite list. Marketing strategies will be involved in promoting your NYC event and getting the word out about attending. Another reason to partner with a New York event planner is this marketing element. Event planners are also masters at event marketing and can help you with everything from creating an event website, launching an event app, and boosting social media marketing engagements. 

6. They Bring in Sponsors to Corporate Events

Do you know what else your corporate event or conference needs? Sponsors. And without a dedicated strategy for securing and following up with event sponsorships, you’re not going to maximize your potential revenue and brand awareness with sponsors. Luckily, when you work with a professional event planner, you have a sponsorship expert on your team who can help you develop tiers of sponsorship packages, marketing materials, sponsorship management, and proper follow-up strategies. 

7. Planning Professionals Can Fill Your Exhibitor Floor

Event planners are also instrumental in coordinating stunning trade show floors, complete with exhibitor booths and activations. Work with an experienced team of planners who know the ins and outs of trade show floor layouts, designs, exhibitor packages, and marketing. Make sure your corporate conference is FULL by partnering with an event planner.

8. They’re Corporate Event PR Masters

There’s marketing, there are ticket sales, and there are press releases to manage, especially if your New York conference is open to a broad invite list. And event professionals are masters at PR beyond the traditional event marketing elements, too. Bring in a partner who can help you stage and craft engaging press releases and messaging that drive engagement, ticket sales, and brand exposure in a big way.

So, now that you recognize that it’s time to bring in a professional New York event planner to help with your corporate event, call us! EMRG Media knows more than a thing or two about putting together brilliant conferences, team-building events, corporate parties, product launches, fundraisers, and industry trade shows. Let us take the reins and make your next company event an overwhelming success!