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Catering Do’s & Don’ts When Planning Your Corporate Event

Let’s talk about catering and event food. Your event experience will be impacted by the main course menu you select, the drinks you offer, and the snacks you provide. If you’re planning a company event, office party, or a corporate event of any kind for your business, there are some must-know insights regarding menu selection. Check out these catering do’s and don’ts as you plan your company party. And make the best impression on your employees and guests without compromising taste, dining options, and overall food-related experiences.

Brilliant Catering Must-Haves

Let’s start with do’s relating to catering your corporate event. Before you book any food or beverage service, consider creating a checklist of best practices to guide your efforts. Make sure you’re keeping in line with these must-haves for today’s events.

Catering Do’s:

  • Provide several main course options.
  • Organic and healthy menu selections are great.
  • Locally sourced ingredients are all the rage.
  • Culturally diverse menu options are welcome.
  • Mocktails and alcoholic beverage alternatives are a must.
  • Sustainable and eco-friendly meal prep is a plus.
  • Look for ways to elevate the basics.
  • Always plan for appetizers and post-dinner snacks.
  • Signature drinks in line with your event theme are brilliant.
  • Book a caterer with experience in your type of event or at your venue.

Absolute Catering Faux Pas

Avoid making these catering mistakes and missing opportunities to wow your corporate event guests and staff.

Catering Don’ts:

  • Diverse is good; too exotic might be too much.
  • Don’t overlook fan-favorite sides and snacks. (It’s ok to stick with mac-n-cheese.)
  • Don’t forget to accommodate special dietary requirements.
  • Food displays and presentations matter.
  • Avoid first-time catering partners without proven experience.
  • Don’t book without sampling your menu selections.
  • Don’t overlook your budget.
  • Don’t overlook the drink menu. Guests need variety there, too.
  • Be trendy, but don’t chase “fad” food trends that don’t add value.
  • Whatever you do – don’t let your guests go hungry.

Some of New York City’s Best Catering Pros for Your Corporate Event

With your do’s and don’ts in mind, you can start exploring all the catering services available for your New York corporate event. Below are just a few of the top catering pros with mouth-watering menus and impeccable event services to consider.

  1. Marcia Selden Catering & Events
  2. Olivier Cheng Catering
  3. CulinArt Group Catering
  4. Thomas Preti
  5. 5 Senses Catering
  6. Great Performances Catering & Events
  7. Pinch Food Design
  8. Relish Caterers
  9. Delivering Experiences
  10. Marcey Brownstein Catering & Events

Let EMRG Media Demystify Your Corporate Event Menu Selections

Choosing the right catering professional and creating a corporate event menu doesn’t have to be challenging. Keep these do’s and don’ts handy to guide your New York event planning efforts. Better yet, instead of trying to handle all the details yourself, let EMRG Media step in and help! Our team has decades of experience, especially with planning high-profile, elevated, and unique corporate events. Let us manage the tasks associated with selecting a menu, sampling the goodies, and booking a caterer for you! And we can handle all your other event services, too. Connect with our team of planning pros today, and let’s start curating your next company event or office party!