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21 Brilliant Entertainment Ideas for Your Next Office Party

When you’re charged with planning your company’s next office party, you’ll have a long to-do list of tasks. There’s choosing the right venue, booking the catering service, and ordering the company-branded swag for door prizes. But when it comes to event entertainment, there’s so much more to consider besides music.

Yes, you’re going to want a DJ or live band for fun on the dance floor. But you can seriously elevate your office party’s attendee engagement when you get creative with other performers and event entertainment options. Get inspired by these brilliant additions to your next company event! Make them more fun and engaging than ever!

Incorporating the Arts with Artistic Performers As Event Entertainment

You can turn a traditional company get-together into an upscale and elevated event when you incorporate entertainment that relates to the arts. Here is a list of artistic performers you can bring to your office party who can make a big impression on your employees and guests!

  • Street Artists
  • Temporary Tattoo Artists
  • Caricaturists
  • Note-Taking Presenter Artists
  • Art Exhibits
  • Face Painters

Boost the Wow Factor with These Stage Stunners

Your employees will be talking about your office party experience for days when you bring in stage performers who can downright stun the audience. Many New York events, corporate events included, infuse their engagements with performances from these professional entertainers.

  • Magicians
  • Mentalists
  • Cirque Performers
  • Comedians
  • Dance Companies

Make the Mundane Magical with Event Entertainment Elements

Look through your company event planning to-do list and look for ways to make the mundane magical with entertaining upgrades that add aesthetics and engagement! Every layer of your event can be elevated. For example, tie in signature custom drinks to your office party theme. Bring in chef carvers and catering specialists who can create artistic appetizers that look just as amazing as they taste. And then boost other elements like:

  • Orchestra Performers for Cocktail Hours
  • Pianists for Networking Segments
  • Espresso Baristas and Coffee Bars
  • AR/VR Activations
  • Photo & Video Booths

Make It Interactive and For a Good Cause

Another layer of entertainment in the form of engagement that you can add to your next company party is a non-profit activation. Consider aligning your event with a local organization or cause that your brand supports. You can then bring in opportunities to donate and raise awareness for charities, all while engaging at a branded event. Here are some charitable ideas to consider:

  • Bring in adoptable animals from an animal shelter.
  • Create event games that generate donations for your local food pantry.
  • Raise environmental awareness with virtual experiences.
  • Sell wearables to support cancer treatment or health-related causes.
  • Sponsor a clothing drive for a local women’s and children’s shelter.

If you’re looking to boost employee engagement at your next company party or office celebration, bring your A-game with the engagement and entertainment value! Get inspired by some of the brilliant entertainment options on this list. And to really make an impression, contact EMRG Media to handle all your New York event planning details! When it comes to wow factor, no event planning team delivers quite like EMRG Media!