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Make Your Family Reunions Memorable & Exciting Events with EMRG Media

Family reunions are a tradition that spans generations. The kitschy family reunion t-shirts and familial inside jokes with cousins you haven’t seen in three years are memories that will no doubt be cherished in their own way.

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to plan a family reunion, you understand the pressures and how overwhelming it can be, especially if you have a big extended family. Enlisting the services of an event planner like EMRG Media is a fantastic option to take the stress off your plate and make sure the next family reunion is one for the scrapbooks.

In the meantime, here are some tips for planning an ultra-memorable family reunion.

Don’t Get Lost!

Choosing a venue that’s easy to find and travel to is as important as finding a venue to host your family’s size appropriately. Do you want to stay within New York City limits, or is a quick subway ride to a slower part of the city more appealing? If a lot of family members are traveling from out of town, parking and transportation are important to consider, too. 

Consider a venue like the Hard Rock Hotel if you’re looking for something fun with easy access to Times Square, Radio City Music Hall, and more. The family’s already making a reunion trip. It might as well turn into a little city getaway! Walking distance to sleeping arrangements, where the family venue will actually be, and some fun options to keep occupied are all great to consider.

What’s On The Menu?

The menu is always a topic of discussion. A lot of family reunions have big cookouts. You’ll have lots of catering and meal service options in New York City. However, a lot of times, it can be hard to cater for certain preferences and dietary needs without help.

Choosing a menu and caterer can take that big bite off your plate when planning this kind of event, and you won’t have to worry about the cleanup!

Family Fun Times

Family reunions are so much more than big get-togethers. Especially with larger families, there may be a need for some activity and bonding time between the family branches. Take a quick poll from your attendees and see what’s interesting and appealing to them for event entertainment.

Would live music be fun? What about attending a private movie showing or theater performance? Or, live entertainment periodically sprinkled in while everyone’s mingling could be a possibility. If you’re feeling really adventurous, check out something like a holiday yacht cruise as a unique entertainment option for most ages.

Break The Ice

Alternatively to big entertainment gigs, smaller, more intimate icebreakers and family games can be just as effective. They’re great for strengthening that family bond and for family members to have fun together.

Some ideas for lower-cost yet engaging activities might be:

  • Connect Four tournament
  • Poker tournament
  • An elaborate bingo game with family member facts
  • Scavenger hunt to get to know the venue, area, or other family members
  • Your choice of balloon-popping games (ranging from G to PG, depending on how you play)

Make Family Reunions Easy With EMRG Media

While putting together family reunions can be exciting, it can also be time-consuming. Finding all the connections to create a fabulously seamless event while making each family member happy and comfortable can be daunting. That’s where EMRG Media comes in to make everything easier.

We don’t just do corporate events and galas. We’re your one-stop shop for all your event planning needs, from birthday parties to mitzvahs, family reunions, and more! We have impeccably experienced event planners with established connections and networks that can handle all your event planning needs simultaneously.

Make it easy on yourself. Enjoy your family without worrying about gluing all the pieces of a large event together on your own. Contact us today for a consultation and see what we’re all about!