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Mistakes to Avoid in the Event Planning Business

There are many Don’ts in the event planning business that can severely harm your company’s chance at global or even local success for that matter. In this article, we will be looking at 3 important mistakes to avoid at all cost when in the event planning business.

1. Not Willing to Change

The fear of change whether in a company or an event planner’s head is highly counter-productive. It’s important in the event planning business to always ask yourself these questions: Are my clients satisfied? What can I do to better their experience? Do I have enough exposure? Why or why not? These self-reflective questions are crucial to any event production firm. Not allowing your company or yourself to grow will injure your performance as a whole. It will make you “old fashioned” and forgotten. As a planner, it’s up to you to see what you can do to make your event firm more popular, and liked. It’s important to be willing to do anything for the success of your business even if that means changing your name, your speciality/niche, your social relations, your platform and or your budget.

Branding Your Event Planning Business

2. Not Spending Money

This might seem like an obvious mistake to avoid in the event planning business but the truth is that many don’t understand how harmful this can be to your brand. Investing little to no money in your business will only make it harder to be successful. Indeed, you need to invest enough money to hire all the different professionals that you need: photographers, designers, caterers, hosts, etc. If you want to have the top photographers, or artists at your events, you will need to spend a good amount of money. “Cheaping” out will make you look unprofessional and won’t attract (new) clients. The way you invest in your event planning business is a testimony to how much you care about it. This is something that many clients notice right away.

Investing in Your Event Planning Business

3. Lacking Authenticity in the Event Planning Business

Lastly, lacking authenticity is a very important point to talk about. When in the event planning business or any type of business for that matter, it’s very easy to get lost in the technology, machinery, and online platform that you use. You don’t want to become just a website or just another basic and boring “production firm”. That’s why it’s important to let your personality (as an event planner or brand) really shine through. It’s crucial to show your clients what type of firm you are, what are your specialities, qualities, and preferences. Being a generic, mediocre event planning firm who can “do anything” is not attractive to most people. Clients like planners and businesses who are honest. As an event planner, there is nothing wrong with admitting you a better at doing/organizing something more than other. In fact, it’s a quality that people admire because it shows them who you are as an event planner and what you’re really good at.

Authenticity in the Event Planning Business

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