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The Secret Formula of Being a Successful Corporate Event Planner in NYC

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Corporate Event Planner is generally responsible for organizing and setting up a wide range of different events ranging from business conferences, shows, seminars, concerts, product launches, award ceremonies and any type of social gathering for any industry (fashion, beauty, music, food, etc.). These events are crucial in building a strong set of relationship skills with customers, clients, employees, shareholders and also the media as they play a vital role in the success of any event. Really, without these third parties, the event cannot take place even if it is a “private” one.

There are many secrets to know if you want a be a very successful corporate event planner in New York. Undeniably, there are many factors that people are unaware of and that are significant when it comes to the success of corporate event planning.

This Significance of Being Organized in Event Planning

First off, very high organization skills are a big plus in the event planning industry. When planning an event, you will have many obligations to fulfill in a short amount of time especially in New York City, which is very fast paced. Knowing how to organize your responsibilities while somehow framing them in a tight timeframe takes skills. It’s important to keep yourself organized at all times so that you don’t become overwhelmed with all the work there is to do. This is imperative since event planning incorporates so many different tasks such as finding a venue, hiring photographers, contacting speakers, making deals and negotiations, reaching out to event designers, and also promoting the event. All these facets that contribute to the success of the event are not only necessary but also require an organized, detail oriented and fast-paced professional to manage them.

Extrovert Personality in Event Planning


Being a “people person” in the corporate event planning world is also one of the secrets that help build a successful corporate event planner. Sometimes, we forget that communication is truly what links us all together. A well-spoken, charismatic person will naturally build better, stronger business relationships and help the company expand socially. It’s important to remember that as a corporate event planner, you will be meeting with so many different types of people from customers, presenters, and staff members to journalists and celebrities. Not to mention, in New York City, it’s all about knowing people, and building your reputation through them as well. Knowing how to speak with each different party and what to say to them is paramount to succeed in the business. Certainly, even though the market is leaning more towards technological practices every day, it is still managed and organized by real people!

Marketing as A Corporate Event Planner

Event Planner Marketing

Having skillset and knowledge in marketing is key! Although some may simply see it as “just another skill to have,” it’s actually very important to the success of your event planning firm. To be a good corporate event planner, you need to know how to promote yourself, your brand, and your work all the time. When meeting with any type of person in the industry, think of it as a chance for you to promote your company, even if it’s done subtly. You can easily accomplish marketing yourself as a corporate event planner by making sure you hand out your business card wherever you see fit, mentioning your company or services wherever you can, and making sure the guests at each event you created know where to contact you for future contracts. It’s important to know at what times to talk about yourself, and what to say. Make sure you have a strong social media presence and a website! Utilize technology to your advantage to ensure continued growth in such an innovative society.