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The Hottest Event Startups for a Corporate Event Planner

While the sun is beaming, technology is booming! That’s right, Summer 2016 is definitely at a turning point in the event management industry for a corporate event planner. In this article, we will learn just how much technology is now impacting event firms and making them more modern than ever! Here is a list of the some of the trendiest event startups that are cleverly being utilized in corporate event planning in 2016:

First, we have Bamboo Spark:

Bamboo Spark

Bamboo Spark is actually a physical product rather than a digital application. Nonetheless, it still shows us how modern the world of today is. Bamboo Spark is a notepad that allows you to jot down notes and then “digitalize” them right before your eyes. It’s a great, modern tool since we all know that parties communicate almost all the time by email, and text rather than by phone or worst yet through snail mail!

Then there is also…



Broadcastwear is a clever way to bring innovation into an event to “lighten” things up! With Broadcastwear, you can make your shirt actually come to life and have it display interactive signs or symbols on it. For example, you can make yourself a walking business card by entering text that invites onlookers to like your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts. This is live modern day promoting that can also be used to entertain guests.



ConferenceCast is probably the biggest and most useful startup. The idea behind ConferenceCast is to let you monetize your conference videos and expand their popularity by sharing them in the industry or with other partners. It’s perfect for making money off your content and also gaining publicity all at the same time. We see here the power of technology and video in corporate event planning. Certainly, we will soon see more people watching conferences from home that couldn’t make it to the event in person. This is ideal for a corporate event planner who prioritizes the use of videography at their events and who is very connected with potential customers and clients online and through social media.



Feeba is a great way for companies, entrepreneurs, or a corporate event planner to gain feedback from their customers, audience or attendees. The best feature is that it lets you know, as an event professional or company, how successful your event was, what you can improve for the next occasion, and what you should or shouldn’t change. It’s perfect for startups since they are new in the business and will most likely rely a lot on what type of feedback they get in order to truly grow and become as successful as possible in the industry.

Help Get Sponsors:

Help Get Sponsors

This platform is perfect for getting great sponsors because it will help you intelligently match brands and sponsors with different events or startups. This is an excellent way for a corporate event planner to find real sponsors who can assist with bringing a fundraiser or business event to the next level.



Hiroes is also a platform that is changing the game as it helps corporate event planners find talent and possible performers right online! It’s a platform that lets you scout out for (musical) talent to have at your event. This is not only perfect for planners who do not know where to find entertainers, but it’s also amazing for the performers on the website who can be quickly discovered.