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The Future for Meeting Destinations

The future of meeting destinations is closely connected to the transformation of urban areas and the development of cities event infrastructure. The gentrification process in cities worldwide is only just starting to gain strong momentum. This means that in the next few years more and more inventive event locations, architecturally innovative hotels and cultural hotspots will be opening for event planners.

The evolution of venues and boost of infrastructure holds a lot of potential for event organizers as venues offer creative and custom event solutions that will appeal to attendees and leave an impression.

Cultural Hotspots

Oftentimes, event organizers rely on familiar destinations and locations that have worked for them in the past. However, new cities and venues have much potential for an unforgettable event. Converted buildings have a special atmosphere and can tell a unique story. A historical yet modern venue is Caballero Fabriek that has opened their doors to event organizers. The former cigarette factory was renovated to a multifunctional business center, attracting innovative and creative business in The Hague. Next to the co-working area, the Caballero Fabriek offers modern meeting rooms, a conference- and event hall. One can enjoy an atmosphere of creativity and innovation here, with numerous tech, multimedia companies and design agencies that work alongside. Many of the rooms are restored to their original state now proudly featuring the recognizable style of the era.

Another location with a special biography – suitable for bigger events – is Remise, an old coach house. It is an event location that will satisfy event planners who are looking for something quite extraordinary. The building served as remise from 1906 until 1983. In 1989 The Hague’s Public Transportation Museum moved in and today it serves as an event location for up to 500 delegates. The industrial complex has an open event space of 3,800 square meters. The monumental architecture of the building is beautifully nuanced by the original decorative details. A salon and hall offer many different setups for corporate events. Break-out session and workouts can be held in tram carriages that can be brought into the remise hall.

Architectural Innovation

Co-working spaces and creative melting pots pop-up in metropolitan areas worldwide. According to Forbes and the Global Working Survey 2017, coworking spaces are on the rise and have doubled since 2014. Many international developers have picked up on this trend offering flexible workspace in urban areas throughout the US.

Using Event Destinations to Full Potential

There are many ways to find the right information and to plan an event abroad. Next to agencies and PCOs, local organizations such as convention bureaus can provide new opportunities that have not yet been explored.

Familiarize Yourself

What better way is there than to explore a potential destination during a fam trip. Today, many cities offer hosted fam trips that give event planners the chance to get a glimpse of the city and to discover its attractions, venues and incentives during site inspections, walking tours, lunch and dinners. It is on fam trips that event organizers can visit unconventional venues and hidden gems that have the potential to impress event attendees.

Partner Networks

Convention bureaus are the main sources of information for event planners and have great ties to hotels, vendors and venues in the city. Well-connected convention bureaus with far-reaching partner networks give event planners plenty of opportunities to benefit from the city’s event infrastructure.

Find Out About Financial Benefits  

Planning an event within budget can be a challenging task and often puts organizations under financial pressure. Local organizations such as convention bureaus and governments understand the problems of finding funds to organize an event abroad. Therefore, more and more convention bureaus offer financial support by means of conference subvention funds that ensure the pre-financing and guarantee attendance of the event.

In Conclusion

Local convention bureaus can unlock a lot of potential and point event planners towards new destinations and modern and unique locations. The changing city landscapes, improving event infrastructures and work of local convention bureaus present event planners with many opportunities.  For more information about The Hague, contact The Hague Convention Bureau.