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The Latest New York Wedding Planner Trends

Photo Credit: Sofia Negron Photography

Planning a wedding in this day and age is way different than it was 20 years ago in New York City. Event planners have had to up their game when it comes to making their wedding clients happy with the latest trends and innovative features. In this article, we will cover some of the best New York City wedding trends!

Hot Wedding Trends in NYC

If you are planning to get married in this year and into 2017, your wedding plans must be in high gear. New York weddings have always been a trendsetter when it comes to stands of style quality and fashion. Here are the latest wedding trends in New York City

Going All Bright For Your Wedding

We are saying goodbye to blush and welcoming bright color. New York wedding planners predict a major shift from the neutral blush color palette to rich and bold hues. Bright colors are incorporated into floral decoration, bouquets, and centerpieces. Warm oranges, yellow and hot pink stand out in the new trend.

Family Style Wedding Receptions

Couples are looking for ways to feel at home at the wedding receptions and especially the dinners. Family style wedding receptions are becoming more popular with couples. In the setup, the wedding couple is not assigned tables, the conversations are relaxed, and guests mingle freely at the party.

Mixing Vintage with Farm and Modern

Weddings are becoming a bed of textures and styles. You can mix a vintage ride to the party, whitewashed farm table, vintage seating geometrical centerpieces and contemporary decorations. It is funny that the things that are not meant to work together do so in perfect harmony. It is something you could try.

Going Local in the Choice of Foods for your Wedding

Local offering makes the meal times sweet and memorable. Couples are sourcing the ingredients from the wedding locality and making them a focus of the food setup. Local offerings are most likely very fresh, cheaper, more nutritious and more likely to be prepared well especially if you have hired a local chef. Going local also reduces food’s carbon footprint. Other couples are going for fresh foods in the season and creating a satisfying food experience.

Mountain and Park Weddings

The mountainside and parks provide beautiful backdrops for perfect video and photographs of the wedding. They have more space to accommodate everything, and quick fixes are done in case it rained during the party. They also save the NYC wedding planners the headache of dealing little space and different locations for the photo shoot.

Stripped Down Beauty

Couples, especially the brides, are now looking as natural as they can. They are doing away with layers of makeup and many ornaments for their wedding. Moreover, the hair is not overly styled but is neat and well done. However, the effortless beauty does not mean that brides are going without makeup, they are only making touches where required. The natural look is superb for the photo shoots too!

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