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Event Planners NYC That Have Made Waves in 2016

Event Planners NYC 2016

In the past, the term “event designer” was associated with images of table cloths, chairs and a vase full of flowers, tents, and tables. But as events planners, NYC continue to be recognized and appreciated for their market power and as guests become more and more savvier and harder to impress, gone are the days when event design was an afterthought or a mere decoration. Event designers today are not just florists or people who just plan events; they are people who create impressively, visually creative and elegant environments that help their clients to send messages to their target audiences. The following are 2016 event planners NYC you should be on the lookout for:

Events by Gayle

Poised as one of the best event planners NYC to watch out for in 2016, Events by Gayle, is one of the best event planning service provider in Ney York area. It is a fully-fledged boutique event planning company that is based in Connecticut. With over 15 years of experience in event planning, Gayle can plan any event from intimate dinners, weddings, birthday parties, corporate events and even large-scale fundraising events. Among the services offered by Gayle include social events, corporate events, wine tasting events, meeting planning, destination weddings, fundraising events just to mention but a few.

Elusions Event Planning

This is yet another company among the event planners NYC you should watch out for in 2016. The event coordinators, the planners, and the entire team are highly qualified, professionals and honest. If they are unable to meet your needs or make your event as pleasant as you want, they will tell you upfront. They are affordable and will work with you right from the start to ensure that you have an amazing event. They specialize in a number of events including weddings, bridal shower, bachelorette parties, corporate and social events.

Ronnette Griffin Taylor Events & Management

If you want someone who is keen to detail and easy to work with, then Ronnette Griffin is the person to go to. She is a person who will take the time to walk through the space available, creative in designing and works hard to deliver a flawless work. She is trustworthy, reliable and very confident in what she does. She is surely on the rise because of her keen eye and affordable pricing, but even more so because of her attention to detail in the events she manages. She is one of the event planners NYC that is demonstrating her love and commitment to the events industry.

La Maison Fete

Located in New York City and Boston, La Maison Fete is one of the best event planners NYC to watch out for in 2016. It is a full-scale wedding and event planning company that is dedicated to ensuring that each and every client gets value for his or her money. They provide high-quality services to provide a curetted collection of tabletop décor.

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