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Tools Being Used By Top Event Planners NYC To Ensure Event Success

Event Apps

Even the most talented and skillful event planner is only as good as his or her toolkit. Event planning is generally an intricate process and requires hard thinking, assessment, constant interaction with other people and moving from one place to another for better ideas. Even veterans in this field know that anything that can make their work easier is invaluable. Fortunately, there are event planning tools that are used to make an event successful. The following are tools being used by top event planners NYC to ensure event success:

Google maps

This is the simplest and the most commonly used mapping utility not only for event planners NYC but across the globe. This tool is useful not because it will help you plan your event but it will your guests or attendee to find the location of the event. Using Google maps, you can set up a customized map that describes the location of your event and other exciting places around. This will entice the guests to come and make the event a success.


Today, internet video has gained popularity among the youth and adults alike. Ustream is one invaluable tool used by not only event planners NYC but by most success event planners in the world. This tool offers a wide variety of valuable tools as well as features which include branding control, professional level video management software, custom audience sizes, and event support.


Slideshare is among the best tools being used by top event planners NYC to ensure event success. It is a presentation tool that allows you to create documents slideshows, webinars, videos, and PDFs. You can further streamline keynotes, presentations and order of events into one place. It makes it easier for the guests to check out the order of events and even preview what to expect during the event.


This is a very powerful registration management tool that allows top event planners NYC to promote, sell tickets and publish their events. Using this tool, you can create a great looking professional hub that can be viewed using mobile gadgets and even desktops and gives your attendees a variety of payment options. This tool also allows you to set up digital registrations and even send personalized invitations to all your attendees.

QuickMobile MobilePlanner

Top event planners NYC have realized the need to embrace technology and make their events a success. QuickMobile MobilePlanner is a tool that allows event planners to virtually manage each and every aspect of an event through their Smartphones. This tool enables easy management of numerous events at different places, on time collaboration with other partners and planning of meetings.

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