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4 Reasons to Start Planning Your Company Team-Building Event Right Now

What your organization needs is a team-building event. They’re great events for all types of businesses, creating bonds and building trust among your company ranks. But don’t delay. If you’re thinking about planning a company outing, team-building, or business get-together, you’ll need to get started now. Here’s why.

1. Venues Book Quickly

Whatever type of event you’re planning, it’s important to know that venues book quickly. If you wait too long and try to find New York availability too soon for your event date, you’ll be out of luck. So, before you even choose your team-building event date, start checking with local venues ideal for these types of gatherings. Keep in mind the logistics, like parking, meal service, and the number of attendees. And talk with a few different New York City venues to verify open dates. You can build out your event details from there.

2. Entertainment Books Quickly

If you’re thinking about bringing in friendly competition to your team-building event, start planning those elements now, too. Entertainment companies, including those that offer escape rooms, games, and contests, book for up to a year in advance in some cases. Consider all the themes possible that make your company outing engaging and spectacular. And begin reaching out to all the potential partners you’d need for those team-building elements.

3. Don’t Forget Catering

It’s not all fun and games. Your team-building event attendees will likely get hungry. Start planning now for catering, snacks, and meal service for your company event. Consider the season when choosing your caterer, too. Summer outings and winter holiday parties will have different menu preferences and options. Don’t forget the beverages, either. And you can introduce fun coffee stations or custom drink stations for added uniqueness.

4. Give Your Teams Ample Time to Make Arrangements

Another reason to start planning your team-building event now and well ahead of time is attendance. You’ll want to give your employees and guests enough time to make arrangements and attend. But you’ll also want to give yourself 90 to 180 days of time to build excitement and anticipation for your event, too. Introduce incentives, share bits of corporate event details, and build enthusiasm for event participation. Waiting too long to launch or announce your event plans could result in poor attendance or support from the teams.

Hosting and planning a team-building event has a host of benefits. They’re great methods for building rapport among the ranks, networking, and establishing trust with employees. But keep these tips in mind about planning ahead for success. And to really make your team-building or corporate event a success, bring in event planning professionals like EMRG Media! With decades of experience in planning the most engaging and exciting company parties, we can make sure every detail is arranged in time and with the best event results!