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Make Your Upcoming Fundraiser or Gala Brilliant with These 6 Tips

New York City is the perfect backdrop for elaborate galas and fundraisers. But don’t be fooled into thinking that planning yours will be a breeze. There’s a lot to consider, especially if you’re shooting for lofty donations and an impressive turnout of guests. 

Take the time you need now to start planning every detail of your fundraising gala now. And as you develop your to-do lists and strategy, be sure to consider these tips and insights. These are the elements needed to event plan a brilliant and successful fundraiser in New York.

1. Cover All the Logistics

First, begin your fundraising planning with logistics. You’ll need to consider the guest headcount and invite list. You’ll want to choose the best venue for the most incredible New York experience. And now’s the time to start vetting potential catering partners. Just remember, as you make these decisions, do so through the lens of the attendee experience. 

2. Establish Relevant Fundraiser Event Goals

As you’re outlining your logistics, it’s also best to start setting goals for your New York gala. Are there fundraising objectives? Do you have goals for sponsorships and attendance? And be mindful of your event planning budget, too. Lay in all the metrics now, so you can stay on track with your planning initiatives and bring in all the best-fit elements and aesthetics to help you reach those target goals.

3. Get Creative with Fundraiser Themes Guests Love

No matter how detailed you are about logistics and planning, if your fundraiser isn’t fun, it won’t be a success. Start brainstorming and get creative about dreaming up event themes your gala events will love. Go big with “Night at the Oscars” themes, or think “Under the Big Top” with all the fun and excitement of a circus-related theme. It’s the event theme that will help you itemize all the design and decor elements you need to make it magical. Here are just a few to get your creativity flowing:

  • Art Show Galas
  • Dance Marathons
  • Decade-specific Themes (Roaring 20s or 80s)
  • Film & Movie Themes

4. Don’t Cut Corners on Entertainment

Your New York gala will require methodical coordination of all types of vendors. Yes, you’ll need to book the venue and hire the caterer. And you’ll bring in AV partners and hire a professional emcee. But whatever you do, don’t cut corners on the entertainment. If your gala has mediocre entertainment, or worse, none at all, it’s doomed. Allocate enough event-planning budget to explore live bands and local DJ professionals. But consider other entertainment elements, too, like these:

  • Magicians
  • Mentalists
  • Local Artists
  • Inspirational Performers
  • Dancers
  • Chamber Musicians

5. Roll Out the Celebrity Red Carpet

If you really want to dazzle your fundraiser guests, consider rolling out the red carpet and bringing in celebrity guest speakers or surprise appearances. Celebrities are magnets for any fundraising event and great for providing much-needed publicity for your cause. And there’s no shortage of iconic celebrities to find in New York City. Use the connections you have to start finding big-name stars who can elevate your gala experience.

6. Bring in the Professionals

Here’s the other thing. If you realize now that planning this fundraiser is going to be a tall order. Or, if you have questions about where to start and what to do to make it incredible, it’s time to bring in a professional event planner. When you work with EMRG Media, New York City’s best event planning team, you can turn the details over to pros who know precisely what to do. Let our team take your upcoming fundraising gala to the NEXT LEVEL with all the right elements, including themes, entertainment, venue selection, celebrity booking, and attendee engagement. 

Don’t go it alone when you can bring in EMRG Media and make your fundraising gala absolutely brilliant!