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5 Ways to Improve the Employee Engagement at Your Next Corporate Meeting Event

So, how many times have you overheard others complaining about a past corporate meeting or conference? Or maybe you recall a few company-sponsored events you attended that left you yawning or feeling as though it were a waste of time. 

Not all corporate meetings are going to be groundbreaking sensations. But if you’re planning an upcoming meeting, there are ways to improve attendee engagement. Make sure no one leaves your next conference complaining, and elevate their experiences with these brilliant methods of event engagement.

1. Incentivize Guests

Depending on your corporate meeting requirements, your guests might feel like they HAVE to attend. And who wants to get excited about a mandated meeting? Remove those stigmas and consider incentivizing your employees and meeting guests. Introduce some friendly competitions, games, or door prizes. Explore ways to reward them for their participation, too.

2. Include Value-Driven Learning

Review the content for your corporate meeting. Then review the goals you have for the conference. What do you want your employees to walk away knowing today that they didn’t know before? What can you do differently to provide something valuable to their learning? Look for ways to incorporate good news, pats on the back, and celebratory recognition, even if the meat and potatoes of your content isn’t all that exciting. 

3. Make It Interactive

When structuring the corporate meeting, be sure to include appropriate break times, Q&A sessions, and opportunities for interactive conversations. Don’t make your meeting one-sided, with one presenter who does all the talking unless you want guests to doze off or start daydreaming. Get everyone involved by asking probing questions, breaking off into breakout sessions, and getting feedback throughout the corporate meeting.

4. Bring Elements of Fun

Just because it’s a work-related meeting doesn’t mean it has to be tedious, boring, and dry. Consider bringing in some entertainment to break up the monotony of delivering company presentations. Give attendees a chance to loosen up, socialize, and enjoy themselves, too. They’ll be more energized to absorb the information you’re providing, and they’ll walk away talking about how much fun they had.

5. Ask Attendees for Feedback

If you’re not sure what additional elements to include in your corporate meeting to make it more engaging, ask your attendees. Send out pre-event surveys asking for their opinions and preferences for layout and format. Follow up after your meetings with anonymous questionnaires that help you learn more about what guests enjoyed or didn’t enjoy about the meeting. 

As you plan your corporate meetings this year, keep these ideas in mind to improve attendee engagement. And if you’re still not confident in your current strategy, enlist the help of the professionals at EMRG Media! Our teams know exactly what elements to introduce to any corporate meeting, company event, or industry conference to make it engaging, memorable, and valuable every time!