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5 Company Event & Office Party Games, Great for Team-Building

You’re putting together a plan for your next corporate event or company party. But you need inspiration for what kind of activities and games to incorporate. You want exercises that are fun, but that also bring team building and employee collaboration. Keep reading as we share all kinds of fun, exciting, and team-building games that work great for any corporate event, office party, or company outing.

1. Create Scavenger Hunt Competitions

Scavenger hunts are great team-building games that work well in all kinds of venues and corporate event scenarios. Assign and assemble teams. Create fun and witty lists of items to find. And be enthusiastic about promoting employee and team prizes for those who win and lose big.

2. Employee Escape Room Activities

Another wildly popular game, both in a social life capacity and professional settings, is the escape room. Consider bringing escape room challenges to your corporate event, pitting teams against each other and the clock. Boost collaborative problem-solving and bring employees together for a little escape room fun and brainstorming.

3. Relay Races for Team-Building

Get physical with fun and creative relay races as part of your team-building efforts. Egg and spoon races, sumo wrestler races, and balloon waddle races all require physical activity and inspire big laughs. Assemble your teams or draw for teams and watch employees bond during a three-legged race across the room for big prizes.

4. Pop-Culture, Sports, or Music Trivia

For those corporate events that are more subdued, you can still get your teams working together for fun trivia competitions. Consider creating a series of themes, like pop culture, sports, or music. Align your various teams and see which groups know more! Use electronic trivia handhelds or device fun buzzer challenges with your trivia, too, inspiring an even more competitive atmosphere.

5. Recreate Popular Game Shows

Don’t recreate the wheel. Bring fan-favorite game shows to your corporate event or team-building engagement. Don a stage with a Family Feud, Wheel of Fortune, or Jeopardy look-alike set. And watch your employees and guests fully immerse themselves in the competition. 

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