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6 Ways to Dazzle Guests at Your Next Corporate Event

Now that you’re in charge of planning your company’s next corporate event, you’re wondering what you can do to make it an over-the-top success. And you’ll need to bring some serious wow factor regardless of the type of event. Corporate meetings, company conferences, industry trade shows, team-building events, and company parties all need layers of entertainment value and big first impressions. If you need inspiration for dazzling your New York corporate event guests, keep reading. Bring these elements to your company event and knock their socks off!

1. Pick a New York Venue with Built-In Wow Factor

Start your corporate event planning efforts with a selective look at some of the best NYC event venues. Make a big first impression on your conference attendees when you choose a venue that already has a wow factor built into the aesthetics. Look for grand entrances, easy-to-navigate parking, stunning layouts, and tons of audiovisual chops. 

2. Choose Engaging Corporate Event Themes 

Give your upcoming corporate event a proper theme and make it fun. You’ll want a theme for guests to enjoy. But you’ll also choose a theme that helps you identify the best-fit decor for your event and designs. Get creative by selecting a topic theme or color-coordinated theme. And then, all your other design and decor decisions will be easier to make, right down to the name badges and table centerpieces.

3. Delight Them with Incredible Food and Beverage Options

Your corporate event planning could get everything right – but if your food and beverage selection is subpar or mediocre at best, your guests will remember. Spend quality time evaluating your menu selection, custom or signature drink options, and catering sampling. Bring some wow factor to your corporate event with top baristas serving up lattes or mixologists crafting smooth cocktails. Dazzle the senses with mouth-watering fare and delectable desserts your guests will love.

4. Dazzle Corporate Event Guests with Brilliant Entertainment

Book the photo booth. Hire the DJ service. And invite the pianist to chaperone your corporate event’s cocktail hour. Don’t skimp on the entertainment factor if you hope to dazzle your company guests. And think big with rolling out the red carpet, inviting celebrities, hiring comedians, and booking magicians. 

5. Make It Interactive

Wow your corporate event guests with brilliant technology and interactive activities they’ll enjoy. Think AR and VR corners where guests can transport themselves to incredible virtual realities. Incorporate trivia games or escape room challenges for guests to engage in throughout the event. And break up those stage presentations with networking sessions and group Q&A. The more engaged and involved you can keep your corporate event guests, the better their experiences will be.

6. Let EMRG Media Bring the Celebrities and More!

If you really want to wow and dazzle your corporate event attendees, bring in the pros at EMRG Media. Our team has decades of experience in NYC event planning for all kinds of company, brand, and corporate events. We can wrangle the celebrities, book the best venues, and arrange for all the best wow-factor-inducing details. 

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