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7 Insights for Boosting Your Corporate Event Engagement

New York corporate events come in all themes, sizes, and purposes. There are traditional corporate event gatherings for holidays, product launches, team-building events, trade shows, corporate meetings, and conferences. But no matter what type of company or brand even you’re planning, one goal remains the same – boosted attendee engagement. Today, we’ll share some brilliant insights to ensure you keep all your corporate event guests engaged and excited about your event. These are the must-have elements to incorporate to make your conference or meeting a monumental success.

1. Get Them Interacting Before the Corporate Event

Don’t wait for your corporate event guests to arrive to start engaging them. Instead, pre-plan for event engagement long before the event date. As part of your marketing strategy, incorporate hashtag strategies, build excitement on social media, and send enthusiasm-building email campaigns. Get people talking about your corporate event by sharing updates and announcements. And by the time they arrive on the day of your conference, they’ll be thrilled to interact.

2. Choose the Right Event Themes and Designs

If you want to really engage your audience, get creative by choosing the right themes and floor plan designs. Company meetings and conferences don’t have to be stuffy and boring. Lighten the mood by creating an atmosphere that inspires fun, excitement, and high-energy networking. Even the most professional settings can introduce a little fun with a great-fit corporate event theme or design.

3. Include Compelling Speakers

You can bring in educational, inspirational, and entertaining elements to your New York corporate event by booking high-profile keynote speakers. Assemble some community celebrities to take the stage or invite industry experts and influencers to speak. Carve out time in your corporate event itinerary to include someone your guests will be delighted to meet, see, and learn from on stage. And then share the news of these stunning speakers before your event to build excitement about coming.

4. Plan for Breakout Sessions

A truly engaging corporate event is one that promotes networking and mingling. Embrace the opportunity to build strategic relationships and form team-building bonds by incorporating breakout sessions, fireside chats, and networking hours. These breaks will ensure your guests don’t experience conference fatigue. And they’ll add value to your attendee engagement experiences.

5. Make It Interactive with Polls

Use your mobile event app to keep guests engaged throughout the duration of your corporate event. Sporadically send poll questions prompting attendees to make suggestions. Welcome questions and keep them involved with presentations and stage speakers. Make sure your polls are brief and easy to respond. And you can use them to stay in tune with what your audience needs, wants, and prefers throughout the event.

6. Don’t Cut Corners on Entertainment

With all the essential materials and event elements to incorporate into your corporate event, like presentations and meeting discussions, you might overlook the importance of the entertainment factor. The most engaging corporate events are those that weave in interactive entertainment and fun activities. These might include musicians, stage performers, or team-building exercises. Look for ways to bring in layers of fun and non-work-related essentials that keep your attendees feeling the excitement all day long.

7. Make Your New York Corporate Event a Success with EMRG Media

Boost your next New York corporate event engagement with these brilliant additions. And to really make it an event for the books, don’t go it alone. Hire a professional team, like EMRG Media, to take the reins and handle every corporate event planning detail. We have decades of NYC corporate event planning experience and are ready to make yours an annual sensation!