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5 Office Party Trends Your Company Should Know for 2024 Events

It can be hard to find new and exciting office party trends for your company’s team-building events, office parties, and corporate events. So, take a look at these company party trends, anticipated to be wildly popular among businesses next year. Get inspired to have one of the best and brightest line-ups for your 2024 corporate event calendar. And incorporate any of these emerging event trends, specifically for New York companies and brands.

1. Corporate Events with Trending Technology

Take advantage of trending technological advances, especially in the realm of New York events. More specifically, start embracing both hybrid and virtual event experiences to engage and connect your staff and guests from wherever in the world they may be. 

Hybrid Events

Hybrid events are great for those companies with regional, national, global, and remote workforces. These hybrid corporate events cater to those local guests with in-person engagements while creating virtual engagements for those who plan to attend on-screen. Additionally, there can be plenty of company party and event options when you embrace the hybrid model. With smartphones and application integration (and some good event planning,) integrating a hybrid team within a hybrid event just makes sense.

Virtual Events

Virtual events have come a long way from being a pandemic stop-gap. Now, they’re trending as a fantastic engagement channel for office parties, professional development workshops, marketing events, product launches, or small team-building activities. With more remote teams, virtual events are getting more popular.

Event-only platforms, interactive features, and apps are just the tip of the iceberg. So, start exploring your virtual event tech options. If you still have a big video conference call in your head when you picture a virtual or hybrid event, you’re going to want a NY event planner’s help, no doubt about it.

2. Hyper-Personalized Experiences

Another overarching approach to event planning is crafting a hyper-personalized event experience for each guest. The hyper-personalized experiences can include customized schedules and itineraries, tailored networking experiences, recommended sessions, speakers, etc. Think brilliant swag, interactive experiences, and fun games and challenges.

3. Augmented and Virtual Reality

That brings us to the next big trend – augmented or virtual reality events. Yes, this can include a silent disco. But it’s much more than that, branching to training, networking, and team-building experiences.

Augmented reality usually involves smartphones and specific applications, along with other on-screen or device-based tech where the digital experiences are integrated into the physical environment. Alternatively but equally engaging, virtual reality involves goggles and controller-style play, which is great for all kinds of corporate events.

4. Eco-friendly and Sustainable

There’s not much disputing the buzz of corporate responsibility with resources and emissions. Eco-friendly and sustainable events are trending now more than ever, especially here in New York. If you’re looking to go green with your next event, incorporate recyclable materials, eco-friendly event rentals, badge-less event registration, and other reduced waste efforts. 

5. Go Beyond Year-End Parties

While year-end parties are a classic go-to for companies looking to use events as high-value engagements, many businesses are tapping into events outside of the holiday season. Year-round events are fantastic for boosting morale and corporate culture, building a sense of camaraderie, and providing team-building opportunities that are essential in operations today. So, consider expanding your events to include summer outings, occasional company dinners, or celebrating staff milestones throughout the year with intimate office parties and stunning New York events.

Make 2024’s Corporate Event Schedule Incredible with EMRG Media

Get your calendars ready and think outside of the box for your roster of corporate events this coming year. A new year means new resolutions. That might mean some new party trends for your upcoming office parties.

Don’t worry if some of these emerging trends aren’t that familiar to you. The best NY event planners have your back at EMRG Media and help you take advantage of every trend and company benefit.