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Check Out This Quick-Reference Checklist for a Successful Corporate Event

Corporate events can have a reputation for being less than exciting. Some might even say a little stuffy at times or even yawn-worthy. So, there’s added pressure for you to curate a wildly successful and memorable company event. But don’t have anxiety over your reputation with your boss or coworkers. While curating a fantastic corporate event requires layers of complex planning and organizing, it always starts with a few basics. We created this quick-reference checklist for organizing your next engaging, successful corporate event with those basics in mind. 

Choose A Corporate Event Theme

An on-trend theme that communicates the goal of your corporate event is key, especially in NYC. Hybrid events, all-virtual, or exclusively in-person events all have their benefits and considerations. Some upcoming event trends for next year range from taking advantage of local and authentic NYC experiences to innovative team-building activities. Choose your themes wisely. A great theme can help inform all the other design and decor elements effortlessly.

Choose an Appropriate Venue

The venue is one of the most important aspects of a successful corporate event or any event for that matter. You might be looking for a more cultural venue. Maybe your company party is better suited with an outdoor venue or a rooftop view. Others call for a more intimate setting, like cocktail parties or executive meetings. And if your company is looking for an all-out party, you might want an out-of-this-world nightclub space to celebrate a successful financial quarter. (We might suggest you check out NEBULA if you’re interested in the latter.)

Don’t Skimp on the Catering

If you don’t read anything else, read this: invest in fantastic catering. Food and beverages set the tone of the whole event and can be the saving grace if other aspects like venue or entertainment fall short. A great New York event needs great NYC catering. Be mindful to avoid common catering mistakes. And be sure to sample the menu before booking a catering professional for your corporate event.

Secure the Corporate Event Swag

Party favors are a way to elevate a corporate event, especially if it means integrating a little marketing strategy into the mix. Goodie bags and door prizes can be personalized to any level. And they’re great tools for putting a little piece of the event itself in tangible hands, securing the event in memory. Get creative with your swag and give yourself plenty of time ahead of the event to accommodate special ordering.

Music, Entertainment, and Guest Speakers

Corporate events in New York need a little something extra. Consider integrating music, entertainment, and compelling keynote speakers. The right stage performance or presentation can tie everyone together, develop a deeper sense of community, and foster some genuine time for connection between colleagues. Think photo booths and caricaturists, celebrity guest appearances, and soul-stirring DJ productions. Create your lists and bring the wow factor to your corporate event!

Hire the Best Event Planners in the City

Event planners make a career out of taking the stress out of event planning for corporations, families, and businesses. Especially in New York, it’s a full-time job keeping up with new and innovative ways to create unique experiences and knitting each aspect together to create an unforgettable experience.

Fortunately, EMRG Media is the pinnacle of innovative, trendy, and seriously cool events. From corporate dinners to full-scale conventions, we have the experience, connections, and expertise you need. Inquire today to meet the team and prepare to be dazzled!