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Mitzvahs & Quinceañeras: 6 Considerations to Make Your Teen Celebration Extra Special

Celebrating certain teenage milestones means planning a monumental event. Whether you’re preparing your teen celebration for an upcoming bar/bat mitzvah, a traditional quinceañera, or a sweet 16, you need this event to be memorable, exciting, and incredible. It’s a lot to consider, especially with all the great venues and options available in New York City. To help organize your event planning efforts, consider these insights for curating stunning teen celebrations.

1. Set the perfect date.  

Keep in mind major holidays, weather concerns (if you choose January, be prepared for inclement weather,) and school schedules. Remember these are teenagers mostly comprising the guest list! Also, remember that certain days of the week are highly sought after, like Fridays and Saturdays. And the top NYC venues and event services book over a year in advance, so there’s another great reason to book ahead and make some calls before officially setting your event date.

2. Create a prioritized budget to accommodate every memorable detail. 

Prioritize the most important aspects of the teen celebration, including the menu and the entertainment. Decide which NYC event elements deserve a more substantial budget than others. Over-the-top events like these can be real wallet-busters, so make sure you have a dollar amount set and perhaps have a little bit extra for that unexpected event expense. 

3. Choose an ideal New York City venue. 

Now you’ve got the date set, you’ll need a place to party. The choices are endless in New York City, from elegant ballrooms to barns to historic homes. Create a shortlist of potential venue selections with availability for your chosen event date. Then, schedule tours and visits to see the space in person before you book. Explore the venues’ dance floors, tables and chairs, and other amenities. Bring your questions with you about parking, staffing, services, and payments, as well.

4. Pick a theme they’ll love.  

Whether it’s rose gold and sage green, Hello Kitty, or Nascar, choosing a great theme for your teen’s mitzvah or quinceañera is key. Deciding a theme will help you in your decisions for decorations, favors, and even food choices. The all-important dress or attire selection will also be hinged on the theme chosen. Get creative and choose an overarching theme that ties into your teen’s personality, your family traditions, and your guest preferences.

5. Locate and confirm top event vendors. 

The next tall order on your event planning to-do list is going to involve booking vendors. Start with your event menu. Upscale hors d’oeuvres or a sit-down dinner? Will you require a bartender and bar? 

Then, consider entertainment, including music, photo booths, and stage performers. Don’t forget the florist, the photographer, and the commemorative cake. Before booking any of these event services, meet the providers, sample the food, and make sure they have experience in working with teen milestone celebrations like yours.

6. Let EMRG Media help with your teen celebration planning!

All of this sounds like a LOT, and it is! It almost becomes a full-time job planning this once-in-a-lifetime celebration. But what if your only responsibility to check off your list is picking out something to wear and showing up? Reach out to EMRG Media, and your to-do list will be effortless! Let us plan your mitzvah, quinceañera, or sweet 16 party and make it a memorable experience they’ll never forget! And we’ll handle the details so you can enjoy this iconic moment for your beloved teen.