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6 Reasons to Work with a Professional Event Planner for Your Company Party

Let’s be honest…how many times have you tried to plan a company party yourself, only to find it falls a little flat? Pinterest boards and party store browsing can only go so far, and soon, you might make an ick status for yourself among the employee pool.

Company morale is important, no doubt. Make it worthwhile and something colleagues enjoy rather than tolerate or, worse, dread. If avoiding “the cringe” isn’t enough motivation, here are six other reasons why you should work with a professional event planner

1. You already have a job.

Face it, you already have a job that takes up a lot of time, brain power, and resources. Planning a corporate party can become another full time job to add to an already jam-packed workload. And it’s one of the most common reasons companies reach out to a corporate event planning professional. An event planner’s primary job is to plan events — your event — with undivided attention to managing every detail.

2. Get the best service vendors for your company party.

A good NYC event planner will know all the best local service vendors. Here in New York, these can be a dime a dozen if you roll through the Google results list. NY event planners will cut through the clutter and organize an incredible lineup without you having to worry about it a bit. And because event pros curate corporate events and parties for a living, they already enjoy established relationships with caterers, photographers, entertainers, and more. 

3. Event planners have challenges and contingencies covered.

Anticipation is the name of the game when organizing a seamless company party or corporate event. A professional event planner is detail-oriented and has a small army of contingency plans should anything go awry. Planning one event is hectic enough. But having to lay in additional planning itineraries can require even more time and effort you don’t have to spare.

4. Event planners ooze creativity.

The creative bug hasn’t bitten everyone. Hiring an event planner means you have someone who is dripping with the creativity to explore different event designs and themes, venues, immersive experiences, and a slew of vendors and other features that tie it all together.

5. Event planners consider your company party schedule and budget.

New York is bustling, and budgets and schedules can flip on a dime. Event planners, especially NY event planners, are masters of staying within budget and organizing around other corporate schedule matters. Who knew event planning could be this stress-free?

6. EMRG delivers a premier company party experience.

You can put down the ibuprofen and step away from the spreadsheets. So, hire a professional event planner and eliminate the headaches, stress, and hassle of planning your own company parties or corporate events.

At EMRG Media, we have been curating exciting and memorable corporate events for decades! Book with us to have an entire team on your side that consistently exceeds expectations. Save the corporate party reputation and hire the pros at EMRG Media.