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6 Ways Today’s Companies Can Give Back Through Corporate Events

It’s not uncommon for companies and brands to seek new ways to support the local community and give back. If your business or organization is fresh out of ideas, consider hosting a corporate event in New York City. Here are some examples and inspirational ways that compelling corporate events make a huge difference in community support, local charities, and area causes. And whatever initiative your company supports, you can always get creative with an event to generate additional awareness and foster support.

1. Charity Bike Drive or Bike Build

Skift recently shared several community-driven events, and the charity bike build is a great option. Your company can host an event that collects, builds, or accepts donations for bike giveaways. Give back to the children of your community with one of the greatest highlights of childhood – owning and riding a bicycle. And you won’t have any trouble getting other businesses to join in the effort – bike giveaways are wonderful!

2. Community Mural Painting

Improve community aesthetics by hosting corporate events that raise awareness or funding for a community mural painting. Breathe new life into an old building. And engage local businesses and artists to join in the effort to beautify a common area that everyone can enjoy. A corporate event could be centered on the mural painting project but also offer additional support opportunities like tree painting, neighborhood cleanups, or additional landscaping around the mural space.

3. Hospital Visits and Patient Engagement

Consider hosting a corporate event in New York City that brings awareness to patients who might be spending prolonged time in the hospital. Pediatric cancer wings can always benefit from gifts, celebrity appearances, and holiday parties. And your company’s corporate event can bring awareness, raise funds, and invite celebs to join in the efforts.

4. Back to School Initiatives

Your business can host a corporate event supporting back to school initiatives for students and teachers alike. Invite area businesses and influencers to attend and donate. Collect school supplies, backpacks, and coats for area students. And collect classroom supplies for area teachers who often fund those purchases personally.

5. Corporate Events for NYC Homeless Fundraisers and Drives

Any event your company can host that raises money and awareness about New York City’s homeless is a huge help. Area food pantries rely on donations to keep helping those families in need. Create layers of opportunities for event guests to help, including bringing canned goods or sponsoring the event. And your corporate event can generate enough financial support to feed the local hungry for months. 

6. Animal Adoption and Care Corporate Events

Consider giving back by hosting a corporate event that supports the local animal shelter or inspires donations and pet adoptions. Bring some of the furry adoptable candidates to the event for a more hands-on and interactive event. Raise funds, awareness, and sponsorship for animal care, adoption, and rescue.

Start making a difference in your community as a company by hosting a corporate event that supports these or other causes. And contact EMRG Media to help you curate those NYC events to make them the most successful and impactful.