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9 Must-Follow Suggestions for Booking the Perfect Office Party Venue in NY

Don’t stress about planning your company’s upcoming office party! It can be daunting to work through those checklists and account for every corporate event detail. Once you’re able to secure your New York City venue, everything else will start falling into place. And today, we’ll share all the must-follow suggestions for booking the perfect office party venue in NYC. There are so many stunning venue options to consider. But following these insights will streamline your selection process.

1. Choose a NYC Venue with Accessibility

Be mindful of choosing a New York City venue with appropriate accessibility. This includes ADA accessibility requirements but also means accessible via public transportation. Look for other inclusive elements, including available sign language interpreters, if needed.

2. Locations Should Have Nearby Hotels

Your company may be inviting employees and guests from other offices, regions, or parts of the country. You’ll want to choose an office party venue in NYC with nearby proximity (or even shuttle service) to hotels and overnight accommodations.

3. Mind Your Office Party Budget

Don’t be impulsed by a stunning event venue without also heeding your corporate party budget. Before booking any venue, make sure you understand all the associated costs so you remain aligned with your office party budget.

4. Know the NYC Venue Amenities and In-House Services

Meet with your top-choice venue representatives and take a tour of the space before booking. Inquire about all the available amenities and in-house services, including catering and bar service. Make sure the layout of your venue is flexible so you can design your party your way.

5. Select a Venue with Experience Hosting Office Parties

Ask every office party venue consideration about past experiences with hosting similar parties. You can even ask for references to know just how great the venue was for those other corporate events, holiday parties, and office celebrations.

6. Find a Venue with Brilliant AV Capabilities for Designs and Branding

Choose a NYC event venue with robust audiovisual capabilities. Many have stunning lighting and audio production in-house. Others offer LED panel screens and brilliant stage options. Whatever your office party requires, make sure the venue can accommodate it.

7. Ask All Your Corporate Event Planning Questions

When meeting and touring a potential venue, prepare ahead of time with all your questions. Ask about the venue’s staffing capabilities, security measures, and cleanup procedures. Inquire about contingencies, and don’t leave until you’re satisfied all your questions have been answered.

8. Choose a Backup Office Party Venue

It’s always a good idea to have a second New York City company party venue in mind should there be a need for a contingency plan. Situations arise, and you don’t want to be left last-minute without a venue plan.

9. Let EMRG Media Help with Your Office Party

Follow these suggestions when booking a venue for your company’s next big party. And for a truly seamless event-planning experience and an over-the-top exciting office get-together party, let EMRG Media handle all the booking and party planning details for you! No one knows events in New York City quite like us. And we can help you curate an absolutely stunning office party engagement this year!