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9 Vendors You’ll Need to Curate Your NYC Corporate Event

Corporate events, company meetings, product launches, and office parties take a lot of work to plan. And these types of engagements are never possible without the assistance of top-notch vendors and event services. If you’re in New York City and looking to put together your company’s next big event, keep reading. This is the complete roster of event vendors you’ll need to make it a memorable success!

1. An Experienced Corporate Event Planner (Hint: EMRG Media)

Instead of putting together a ten-page to-do list with 20 different vendors to hire and what seems like a million different corporate event details to manage, just hire the pros. New York City has several event planning firms, many with experience in creating events just like yours. So, just make one call – to EMRG Media, and let our seasoned team of professionals take all the guesswork and hassle out of curating stunning corporate events!

2. A Brilliant NYC Venue

Next up on your corporate event planning vendor list is going to be the venue partner. You have TONS of great and amazing spaces to choose from in New York City. And many of them are accustomed to hosting corporate events and parties. But be selective about all the venue-related details before making any official decisions. These considerations should be on your shortlist:

  • Accessibility and Parking
  • Capacity and Date Availability
  • Food and In-House Vendor Requirements
  • Bar Staff and Waitstaff
  • AV and Furniture
  • Security Measures
  • Audiovisual Capabilities 
  • Lighting and Floor Plan Flexibility

3. Incredible Food & Beverage Partners

You’ll need to make arrangements to feed your corporate event guests. And that means working with an incredible catering partner. But you’ll also want to consider bringing in talented mixologists for bar staff and serving signature drinks. You can also elevate coffee service with outsourced baristas serving artful lattes. As you evaluate your event vendor options, be sure to meet with everyone in person and sample their menus. You’ll also need to strategically plan your menus with alternative dietary options to accommodate all your guests.

4. High-Energy Entertainment & Music

Even if your New York conference or company meeting is intended to be work-related, you’re still going to need entertainment. And while you might already have plans for hiring a DJ service or high-energy live band, there are other entertainment elements to book. Here are just a few secondary entertainment options and activations that make corporate events more interactive and exciting.

  • Magicians and Mentalists
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality Activities
  • Chamber Musicians or Soloists
  • Photo and Video Booths
  • Dance Performers

5. Impactful Keynote Speakers & Presenters

You’ll likely have stage presentations and corporate speaking itineraries to manage. But that also means bringing in talented or high-profile speakers. These professionals often have contracts and require some degree of negotiation to get them booked. And you can also consider elevating your event with celebrity guest appearances or speakers, too. Just make sure you bake in the wow factor with each speaker or special appearance you book.

6. Aesthetically Pleasing Decor & Floral

Designing your New York venue means working with event vendors who can help with great design skills and aesthetics. You might need a talented floral designer for centerpieces, accents, and big entrance first impressions. And there are event designers who can help you make the best branding and signage decisions for your event, as well.

7. Amazing Audiovisual Partners

Book the most experienced audiovisual partners when it comes to setting up your stage, bringing in LED visuals, and presenting to your corporate event audience. Have a dedicated team of pros on-hand who can help you with electronics setup and tear-down. And should any of those microphones malfunction, you’ll have a partner available for immediate troubleshooting.

8. On-Point Photographers & Videographers

Document the success of your NYC corporate event with on-point photographers and videographers! Booking the best of these event vendors will net BIG returns. All the fun and exciting footage you capture from this year’s event will serve as marketing assets for next year’s event. And these pictures and videos can be repurposed as sales collateral, as well.

9. Engaging Virtual Event Coordinator

There’s not a corporate event taking place today (well, most of them) that isn’t also including a virtual attendance option. Hybrid events are great for including broader audiences and global attendees. But you’re going to need a dedicated virtual event coordinator to facilitate the digital event experience. Make sure you have all the same elements available, including online entertainment and interactive components, to your virtual guests. And make smart use of interactive chats and surveys to keep them engaged throughout the event.

When you’re planning your company’s big corporate event, make sure you bring all the best event vendors and partners. And if managing this to-do list is a bit overwhelming, just make one call to EMRG Media. We have decades of experience planning and executing amazing corporate events, industry conferences, brand meetings, product launches, and holiday parties in New York City. We can make sure every detail is magical and memorable – give us a call to start planning!