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6 Ways to Make Your Company Product Launch an Incredible Success

Your company’s preparing to launch a new product or service. And to significantly boost your buy-in, awareness, and results, you’re going to plan a product launch event in New York City. While you’re confident that you know everything there is to know about your new offering, you might be a little hazy on how to plan a monumental event. But you’re in luck. Today, we’ll share the proven event planning strategies to ensure your New York product launch is an incredible and profitable success!

1. Create a Product Launch Event Plan

Start by creating a product launch event plan, outlining the goals for the launch. Determine what you need the event to do for it to be a success. This might include measurable support or direct buy-ins as a result of the event. And now’s the time to also consider event-specific incentives, like special pricing or added value. Inspire more guests to come to the event, learn about your offering, and even buy.

2. Use Your Market Research to Develop an Invite List

You likely have a robust arsenal of market research and analytics regarding your new product or service. You’ll use those metrics to plan your upcoming event. Your target market is helpful in creating an invitation list. And you’ll rely on the data to determine which brands, businesses, and influencers deserve an invite, too.

3. Align with Brand and Product Supporters

With your brand identity in mind, start connecting with your network of supporters. These might include company colleagues and preferred vendors. They might also include community organizations eager to support new products and services in the local market. Tap a team of ambassadors and loyal event attendees who can champion your efforts and sponsor your New York product launch event.

4. Secure the Event Date, Venue, and Theme

When it comes to coordinating the event, start with the pillar event details first. Select a date and make sure there aren’t competing events happening at the same time that might detract attendees. Be choosy about booking the perfect New York City venue, and be sure to tour the space before deciding. You’ll want to work with a venue that has experience in branded and corporate events, with robust audiovisual capabilities and flexible floor plans. Then, create a theme for your event that will promote excitement about the launch.

5. Create an Event Marketing Plan

With the major event details in place, you’ll need to develop a dedicated product launch event marketing plan. In the weeks leading up to the event, you’ll want to build anticipation and excitement about your launch with email marketing campaigns, social media marketing, and press releases. 

6. Let EMRG Media Plan Your Product Launch Event

If you really want your product launch event to be an overwhelming success, bring in our team of pros at EMRG Media. With decades of NYC event planning experience, including with high-profile corporate events, product launches, fundraising galas, and company celebrations, we can take all the guesswork out of curating your event. And with our team handling your launch, you can focus on preparing for all those new buyers, new supporters, and boosted traffic!

Contact EMRG Media and let us make your company product launch event an incredible success!