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How to Get More Donations at Your NYC Fundraising Gala or Charity Event

Whether you work for a nonprofit or are volunteering to coordinate an event for a charitable organization, your primary goal of the fundraising event is to raise money. Fundraising events continue to be wildly popular and proven methods for generating cause awareness and boosting funds in a big way. And there are insights you can leverage to ensure you not only put together a successful fundraising gala or charity event. These are the veteran event planning tips to guarantee more and bigger donations every time.

Create a Fundraising Gala Theme that Guests Will Love

When you create a fundraising event, you’ll want to select an overarching theme for your gala that attracts donating guests. And that means upscale, fun, and inviting themes. Your charity fundraiser can be black-tie or more casual. But the theme is what will draw attendees and participants. Here are some gala themes for inspiration.

  • Under the Sea Themes
  • Mother Earth or Nature Themes
  • Hollywood or Night at the Movies Themes
  • Hawaiian Luaus
  • Atlantic City Comes to NYC Themes

Book the Most Exciting NYC Venue

Another key event element to consider is the venue. And there are a host of brilliant and experienced NYC venues from which to choose. Narrow down your top picks based on the must-have aspects of your fundraiser, like guest capacity, date availability, and in-house event services. But be mindful to choose great venues with audiovisual capabilities, stunning floor plan options, and great stage abilities. But when you have an incredible venue, you’ll attract more guests and donations. Here are just a few of the top choices for NYC charity events.

  • 9 Jones
  • The Glass House
  • Hard Rock Hotel
  • Gotham Hall

Bring in Charity Event Sponsors

Boost your fundraising gala donations by bringing in top-notch and well-known sponsors. When local businesses and sponsors pitch in for your cause, you can use those funds to make your event bigger and more attractive. Or you can infuse those funds into your donation pool, helping you to reach your event money-raising goals. Here are a few insights for creating sponsorship opportunities that sell.

  • Create tiers of opportunities, each with various perks and price points.
  • Find brands and businesses that have already supported your cause.
  • Reach out to your event vendors for in-kind sponsorships or trades.
  • Develop a marketing plan specific for fundraising sponsorships.

Be Transparent About Your Story and Efforts

Fundraising events are all about the stories behind the mission. Be transparent and forthcoming about your cause or nonprofit efforts. Share stats and up-to-date information about the problems you’re aiming to solve with donations so donors can readily identify what it is they’re supporting. And lay out how a donation can solve those problems. Make donating easy, too, by outlining preferred donation amounts and tiers of support ranging from small donations to sizable donations.

Create a Sense of Urgency in Your Messaging

There’s always a cause or an organization looking for monetary support. But you can separate your NYC fundraising efforts by creating a sense of urgency with your event. You’re not just asking for donations. You NEED donations NOW. So, be creative with your event marketing and messaging to drive that sense of urgency and explain why funds are important.

Market Your NYC Fundraising Gala to Everyone

Anyone and everyone can support your fundraising efforts. Don’t limit your event marketing to just businesses, regular donors, or philanthropists. Create a marketing strategy that uses all your available channels to present your event and donation requests to a broader audience. This strategy should include:

  • Press Releases
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Email Marketing
  • Dedicated Event Website & Mobile App
  • Newsletters
  • Charity Event Ambassadorship

Demonstrate Gratitude

Generate more donations by sharing the gratitude for those who’ve already donated. Use your social media channels, event website, and email campaigns to demonstrate your gratitude for funds already raised. Your target audience will see that others are participating and supporting your cause. And they’ll be inspired to join the “masses” in donating and experiencing your gratitude, too. So, thank your donors frequently in the weeks leading up to your fundraising gala. And share details about all the buzz you’re generating and the support you’re already receiving to motivate others.

Let EMRG Media Plan Your Fundraising Gala

If you really want to break fundraising goals in a big way, bring in the professionals at EMRG Media to plan and curate your New York City charity gala. Our team has proven experience, decades worth, in raising incredible donations for all kinds of organizations and causes. We can even wrangle celebrity guests, keynote speakers, and mind-blowing talent for your fundraiser. Roll out the red carpet and generate a flow of funds and donations when you have EMRG Media at the helm!

Keep these insights handy as you begin to prepare your New York City fundraiser. And contact EMRG Media when you’re ready to take the gala experience and donations to the absolute next level!