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Generate Bigger Donations for Your Fundraiser with These Strategies

Your non-profit organization or community group has decided it’s time to host a fundraising event. But before you take another step in the planning process, you’ll want to first identify your fundraising goals. These might include monetary objectives regarding monies raised and donations received. 

At EMRG Media, we’ve curated countless fundraising events and charity galas over the years. And we’ve learned a few great strategies that boost donations. We’ll share some of these insights and best practices, so you can elevate your upcoming fundraiser to overwhelming monetary and engagement success.

Get More Donations with Better Marketing

The best way to boost donations at your fundraising event is to attract more people to your event in the first place. And that involves great marketing strategies. You’ll likely have lists of guests to invite already. But open the floodgates with the right marketing campaign to drive awareness and inspire donations across a broader audience.

Make sure your marketing efforts include the following:

  • An Event Landing Page Online
  • A Fundraising Hashtag Strategy
  • A Dedicated Facebook Event Page
  • Digitally Designed Logo, Taglines, and Graphic Assets 
  • Email Campaigns
  • Charity Event Infographics

Press Releases Are Great Fundraising Publicity

Your local media and news desks are always looking for community events to share and feel-good stories to showcase to their audiences on air and online. Use that to your advantage by creating a series of official press releases about your fundraising event in the days and weeks leading up to the big night. You can then get extra mileage out of those press releases with your email campaigns and social media profile pages.

Heartstring Tugging with Testimonials

In addition to where and how you market your fundraising event, you’ll want to develop a strategy for the content and messaging. Make sure every piece of content you post, share, or email resonates with your audience in a way that inspires them to donate. And some of the best content involves storytelling and testimonials. Collect case studies and personal experiences about your charity or non-profit group. Share those stories with your marketing, so it tugs a little at the heartstrings.

Sponsorships & Donating Supporters

Infuse your New York fundraising event with even more event budget and donations by attracting sponsors and supporters. Create sponsorship packages for area companies and brands to consider. Here are just a few event amenities that can represent great sponsorship opportunities:

  • Meal Sponsors
  • Entertainment Sponsors
  • Stage or Presentation Sponsors
  • VIP Experiences Sponsors
  • Cocktail & Beverage Sponsors

Fundraising Raffles & Giveaways

Don’t forget to dive into all the traditional fundraising incentives that inspire more charitable participation and increased donations. Get creative with your fundraising event themes and create games and giveaways that align with them. Raffles and prize giveaways are popular, as are silent auctions. The more engaging you can make your event, the bigger your donations are going to be.

Let EMRG Media Plan Your Fundraiser or Charity Gala

Instead of assuming the burden yourself to collect donations, meet goals, and plan the event, bring in the EMRG Media team of professional event planners. From celebrity guest appearances and red-carpet galas to brilliant designs and stunning aesthetics, we can elevate every aspect of your fundraising event! 

Contact us, and let’s start planning!