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Start Planning Your Company’s Summer Outing Now

It may be December, with all the vibes and feels of the holiday season. Snowy weather and hot cocoa might be on your mind. But if you’re responsible for planning your company’s seasonal events, you should be thinking about summer. Today, we’re sharing insights to help you start planning ahead for your summer outing. Any event planning steps you’re not taking now could put you behind come July.

Start Choosing Summer Outing Dates Now

Much like brides plan their weddings more than a year in advance, you’ll want to get busy planning your company’s summer outing. Choose your dates now, with a few different options as contingencies. Check with your staff about their availability for an off-hours celebration, too. New York venues and event service providers are often booked well in advance. So, choosing your summer outing dates several months ahead will ensure you have a greater selection of the event essentials.

Begin Inquiring with NYC Venues Now

With your summer party dates in mind, start exploring venue options in and around the city. Whether you’re considering a nightclub, a high-energy setting, or a more relaxed outdoor experience, you’re going to want to book ahead. Estimate your guest headcount liberally. And be sure to meet with venue representatives, take tours, and visualize your teams at the venue before officially booking.

Send ‘Save the Date’ Details to Employees and Guests

Your company staff isn’t thinking about sand volleyball or warm summer night partying. They’re knee-deep in holiday shopping and festive family gatherings. But go ahead and send out the companywide “save the date” emails about your company’s summer outing. Doing so will ensure they mark their calendars accordingly and not make other summer plans.

Let the Company Party Brainstorming Begin

While you don’t necessarily need to have every detail planned for your company outing this summer, now’s the time to get brainstorming for ideas and creating your to-do lists.

Attendee preferences matter.

Start making lists of guest preferences or rules you can itemize when booking your other corporate event vendors. For example, there’s Rita, who gets seasick easily; Don is fair-skinned and can’t be in the sun for extended periods, and then there’s Tessa, who is allergic to just about everything that grows outdoors. Your event accommodations and menu options will depend on these predetermined guidelines.

Choosing summer outing themes.

Whether your outing is intended to be a relaxing celebration or you have other plans to make it more of a team-building event, you’re going to want to choose an event theme. Casino night or Hawaiian luau, selecting an event theme will help you plan for the designs, decor, and itinerary.

Selecting speakers, workshops, and presentations.

Decide now if you intend to include stage presentations, training, awards, workshops, or guest speakers. You’ll want to be working on those deliverables and stage setup details over the next few months. And if there are high-profile keynote speakers or celebrity entertainers to consider, you’ll need to book them early.

Ask EMRG Media to Be Your Corporate Event Planner

Of course, you could make the corporate event planning and summer outing organization a breeze by booking an experienced NYC event planner like EMRG Media. Give us a call, and let us handle all the details necessary to make your summer outing an unforgettable success. And you can get back to enjoying your holiday season with peace of mind knowing your summer company party is handled.