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Team-Building Events: 7 Reasons Your NYC Company Should Host Them

Company leaders, business owners, and department managers are all keenly aware of the current trends involving company culture improvements. Today’s employees are more intuitive about the companies they work for, choosing those that promote a healthy workplace culture. And as a leader, you’re looking for new ways to improve and maintain those new workplace dynamic norms. Today’s leading companies are finding tremendous value in hosting regular team-building events.

Did you know Forbes found that roughly one in four workers leave a position because of a coworker? Included in the findings were the most toxic coworker behaviors like:

  • Passive aggressiveness (33.7% of workers quit because of this)
  • Making excuses (18.4% of workers quit because of this)
  • Entitlement behavior (15% of workers quit because of this)
  • Gossiping (14.6% of workers quit because of this)
  • Over controlling (14.4% of workers quit because of this)

Stave off these undesirable coworking scenarios by hosting a series of team-building events and activities designed to bring people together in a more positive way. And if prioritizing team-building is executed correctly, you can expect a host of company culture advantages. Start exploring these primary reasons why company leaders are leaning into team-building events, especially in planning for 2024 growth and success.

1. Advocating for Your Teams

When you host a team-building event for your staff, you essentially send the message that you care and advocate for your teams. Employees feel appreciated when the “boss” springs for dinner and sponsors a night out of fun and socializing. 

According to stats shared by Cooleaf, these points support the importance of employee appreciation:

  • Staff who receive regular and ongoing recognition are eight times more engaged at work.
  • Millennials crave appreciation more than any other demographic.
  • 65% of employees prefer non-monetary incentives and recognition.

2. Recognizing Milestones and Achievements

Another reason to host regular team-building events in NYC is to recognize specific achievements and milestones. Celebrate your staff by individual and departmental goals. Call out loyal employees for their contributions and years of service. And studies show that the more frequent and liberal you are about recognizing jobs well done, the more engaged, loyal, and productive your teams will continue to be.

  • 92% of workers are more apt to repeat actions after receiving recognition for their efforts. 
  • 40% of employees said if they were recognized more frequently, they’d put more effort and energy into their work.
  • 85% of team members believe that management should always offer a “job well done” sentiment whenever warranted.

3. Develop Stronger Workplace Relationships with Team-Building Events

People who work for you may spend more time with their coworkers than they do with their own families. But that time spent doesn’t necessarily mean they all get along or work cohesively. Hosting team-building events can bring all those personalities together, away from the workplace, in a more relaxed atmosphere. Comfortable social interactions can inspire better and new relationships among team members. And they’ll take these newfound connections back to work with them, improving their team unity on the job.

4. Boosted Company Culture Attracts and Retains Top Talent

When you, as the company or department head, find ways to make your workplace more appealing, you stand a better chance of retaining your best employees. You also improve your attractiveness for new hires. With team-building events and company parties to celebrate the staff, you demonstrate the company’s value placed on those responsible for working there. Keep and attract top talent without the headaches of increased turnover by hosting regular and seasonal events dedicated to boosting company morale and culture.

  • PR Newswire found that 87% of company-sponsored employee recognition programs focus on improving tenure.

5. Team-Building Events Foster an Environment of Collaboration

The more people engage with each other outside the office, the more likely they are to collaborate in the office. Team-building events and activities, especially those featuring fun games and team challenges, can significantly improve how employees work together. These peer-to-peer engagements solidify your team atmosphere by encouraging teamwork. 

  • Peer-to-peer recognition can boost satisfaction by 41%, according to WorkHuman.

6. Improving Productivity, Problem-Solving, and Performance

Assembling your employees for an event can inspire improved productivity, problem-solving skills, and overall employee performance. Appreciation events that also introduce escape rooms, trivia contests, or scavenger hunts can be inviting ways to get employees working together outside the job. Subconsciously, you’re increasing the comfort level needed for true productivity acceleration and problem-solving. Both traits are almost always resonant on the job after the team-building event is over.

  • Productivity improves by 31% when your employees are happy.
  • Employee performance increases by 11.1% for those with a company recognition program.
  • Companies that double their recognition efforts can expect a 24% improvement in work quality.
  • Reduces absenteeism by up to 27%

7. Connecting Team Members Near and Far with Team-Building Events

Today’s workplaces look vastly different from those just a few short years ago. Remote and hybrid work dynamics are the new norm. And team-building events are effective ways to connect employees both near and far. You don’t have to fly everyone in for an event, either. Instead, create virtual and hybrid event experiences so everyone can participate from wherever they are. Appreciation and recognition matter even more to those working remotely.

  • 64% of employees say appreciation efforts are more important with remote working dynamics.
  • 83% of Human Resources leaders suggest employee recognition strengthens company values and objectives.
  • SHRM says companies with appreciation and recognition programs experience a 28.6% reduction in employee frustration levels.

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