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Take Your Virtual Team-Building Events to the Next Level with These 6 Insights

You’ll be hard-pressed to find any company out there right now that isn’t working with or thinking about engaging a hybrid or remote workforce. Remote workers are proving to be incredibly productive. And the concept of hybrid or remote employment is widely beneficial to both the employee and employer. But as a company, you also know that it’s important to keep those remote workers engaged and included with other members of your teams. And team-building events, which once were reserved for in-person engagements, are now going remote, too. Virtual events are great tools for bringing your entire workforce together, wherever they may be. 

More and more companies are taking their team-building events online as well. Today, we’re sharing some hot ideas and game-changing insights you can use in 2024 with your virtual team-building events. These are the virtual team-building activities that everyone will love, taking your team-building engagement to the next level.

1. Types of Virtual Team-Building Activities to Explore

Just because you’re not in the room with everyone physically, doesn’t mean you can’t build meaningful connections with your remote teams. There are all kinds of virtual event options and types that can serve as great team-building activities. Consider bringing these to your team-building schedule this year:

  • Remote Workshops: Inspire learning, either business related or entirely fun, with guest speakers, how-to’s, and workshop activities.
  • Team Bonding: Invite your remote employees together for some team bonding sessions with yoga, games, and contests.
  • Show and Tell: Use virtual events as platforms for sharing and learning about each other more with digital show and tell sessions.

2. Virtual Event Scavenger Hunts

One of the most popular virtual events with a team-building objective is the scavenger hunt. Assign teams and provide lists of items to find and clues to solve. There are plenty of creative ways to get everyone on board with playing, too. Just don’t forget the prizes and accolades for those who find all the items on the list!

3. Virtual Escape Rooms

Take the thrill and team-building fun of an escape room online with a virtual escape room. Choose a topic, design your clues, and tie in escape room gaming platforms online. These engagements are great for remote teams. And they’re relatively inexpensive and easy to develop with the right gaming software

4. Virtual Luncheons, Wine Tastings, and Movie Nights

If you’re looking for last-minute virtual event ideas that foster an environment of team-building with your staff, there are plenty of fun ways to connect online. Consider hosting a virtual luncheon, providing teams with gift cards, or delivering lunch to eat and socialize over a lunch break. Some companies do wine tastings, sending unique bottles of wine to everyone on the team, then assembling on screen for an official group sampling. You can even schedule a team movie night, complete with company-sponsored snacks.

5. Virtual Trivia Games

Another fun way to connect with your remote workforce is with virtual trivia games. So, choose a variety of trivia topics, develop some mind-boggling questions, and watch your staff get downright competitive! Think sports, pop culture, music, and even company-themed trivia nights. Again, don’t forget to have prizes and accolades for your big winners.

6. Let EMRG Media Be Your Virtual Event Planner in 2024

If you’re charged with curating team-building events for your company in 2024, you don’t have to stress the creative and implementation tasks. Work with our virtual and team-building event experts at EMRG Media! We can facilitate and plan the whole year’s worth of in-person and virtual events for you! Contact us, and let’s start planning!