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Top Experiential Marketing Agencies in NYC

One of the fastest-growing marketing and advertising trends right now is experiential events. And as a New York company professional, event planner, or brand marketer, you’ll want to understand how today’s biggest brands and businesses are using experiential marketing to engage their audiences. There’s a unique revenue opportunity for experiential corporate events, trade shows, festivals, activations, and conferences. 

Another emerging trend among company marketing initiatives is multi-level collaboration in activations and event planning. As a result, today’s events are getting bigger, more interactive, and increasingly impactful because company marketers and event planners are joining forces with other professionals to elevate target audience engagement. So, your business can’t afford to execute any marketing activations on your own, especially if you want results. So, who do you turn to for help with these experiential marketing plans? Experiential marketing agencies.

Today, we’re highlighting some of the top experiential marketing agencies in New York City based on years of experience and high-profile results. Event planning relationships with these wildly successful pros will help you tap into the ever-growing popularity of experiential marketing and events. And more importantly, it’s a surefire way to grow your business in 2024.

Experiential Marketing Is Surging

Companies and global brands are turning to experiential marketing as a method for creating an emotional connection to their audiences. Subsequently, experiential marketing is a strategy that inspires target buyers to participate or engage with a brand in a hands-on way. Also, these strategies are sometimes called “ground marketing” or “XM” and involve events, activations, or experiences associated with the company offerings. And anyone responsible for developing these strategies or executing these activities is known as an experiential marketer. 

Experiential Events vs. Event Experiences: Understanding the Difference

It’s important to understand what separates experiential events from general event experiences. For example, there are brand experiences, experiential events, and events with immersive experiences. Each presents unique engagements that you’ll need to discern as you explore your partnership opportunities with experiential marketing agencies.

Brand Experience

These are experiences designed to introduce or boost brand awareness. They often include in-person and digital engagements. And can include activations, experiential interactions, and company-sponsored events.

Event Experiences

As a marketer or brand event planner, you’re always looking for ways to create fully immersive and interactive experiences. While these are often included as part of experiential marketing campaigns, experiences are an element within the experiential marketing concept.

Experiential Events

Experiential marketing campaigns will often feature experiential events to execute a particular idea or brand goal. The experiential event supports the overarching marketing strategy, executing the ideas, putting products in hands, and boosting brand visibility with in-person and digital methods.

Top New York City Experiential Marketing Agencies

With a broader understanding of what experiential marketing is and how experiential events can support your company initiatives, you can begin networking with great experiential marketing agencies. Partnerships with these top experiential engagement masters will result in more impactful events, bigger promotional campaigns, and increased marketing results and revenue for your business.

EMRG Media and Erica Maurer

In New York City, there’s one “first call” to make for help with curating over-the-top, amazing experiential events. Erica Maurer at EMRG Media is the foremost authority on experiential marketing and events that support those marketing strategies. Countless national and global brands trust EMRG Media with their corporate events, product launches, conferences, and brand activations. Additionally, Erica and her team have decades of experience as a full-service event planning and marketing agency, with a true understanding of what it means to authentically engage and dazzle a target audience. Visit the EMRG Media website to see a comprehensive list of event and marketing services available, and connect with Erica to start discussing your next experiential event!

Colin Cowie

From private parties to large-scale corporate events, experiential marketing results are amplified with Colin Cowie at the helm! Weddings and events, corporate conferences, and grand openings all over the globe have experienced the magic of Colin Cowie. This experiential marketing agency offers a broad range of activations and designs to complement diverse client demands. See some of Colin Cowie’s most resonating activations and event experiences online, ranging from destination weddings and iconic mitzvahs to celebrity parties and corporate events. This team is also highly sought after for brand activations, product launches, and fundraising galas.


In New York City, you can always create impactful activations and memorable moments with MKG as your experiential marketing partner. This team specializes in executing goal-specific activations and events, delivering engaging experiences for all their business clients. Big ideas come to life with MKG’s artistic and design approach to experiential events. Explore some of their most incredible activations online and bring the team in to help with your NY events.

David Tutera

The name David Tutera should resonate with all event planners. It’s one of the most well-known event management agencies in the world. David Tutera is an undisputed leader in the wedding and special events industry, with a specialty in experiential marketing activations and events. This team brings sophisticated designs and upscale engagements to every monumentally creative event, too. Visit the website and see what an extraordinary experience looks like with David Tutera.

Geo Events

Check out Geo Events when you’re looking for unparalleled and unconventional event designs, activations, and experiences. The wide roster of event design capabilities includes everything from AV production and lighting to acrylic dance floors, bar rentals, and branding displays. Whatever your experiential marketing strategy calls for in an event, Geo can deliver beyond attendee expectations. Explore all the possibilities online and collaborate with Geo Events for results-driven, thrilling, and one-of-a-kind event experiences.

Jack Morton

Brand moments come alive with Jack Morton, one of the most prominent experiential marketing agencies in NYC. Promotional marketing campaigns and activations are what the Jack Morton team delivers best. And the agency also offers sponsorship services, digital support services, and integrated marketing campaign elements to ensure every event hits its mark. Check out this team for revolutionary exhibits, larger-than-life public events, and experiential technology, too.

Swank Productions

When you want detail-oriented event production services that deliver strategically designed experiences, you want Swank Productions in your corner. As a top event collaborator and creator, Swank Productions knows how to take something great and make it extravagant. Featured in national headlines, this is the team primed to execute impactful activations and stunning experiences that exceed marketing expectations. Head over to the team’s website to see past events and get inspired for future experiential marketing projects.

Impulse NYC

Dynamic event activations, large or small, are custom-designed to deliver incredible experiences with Impulse NYC. From corporate parties and charity galas to brand events and conferences, this team knows how to execute a marketing plan with resonating experiences. Moreover, when your experiential event or marketing initiative needs to connect guests with emotionally responsive experiences, event professionals know to trust Impulse NYC. Check out the summits, conferences, and launches that this team’s brilliantly curated on behalf of some of the world’s biggest brands.

FAQs About Experiential Marketing

Have other questions about experiential marketing agencies and leveraging these types of events? Check out these quick FAQs and responses to some of the inquiries we at EMRG Media hear the most.

How do you choose the right experiential marketing partner?

Be mindful of selecting an experiential marketing partner who understands marketing and not just events. Look at past experiential marketing campaigns the agency has executed to gauge experience. And choose an experiential marketing agency you “like” with the resources and expertise to bring big marketing ideas to life and produce results.

What are the advantages of experiential marketing?

Experiential marketing creates a lasting impression and connection with an audience using experiences. Also, these types of engagements, whether as events or activations, can be great for:

  • Introducing a company product or service
  • Boosting brand engagement and visibility
  • Educate an audience about a particular subject or topic
  • Improving brand reputation

What is an example of experiential marketing?

You’ll find examples of experiential marketing activations practically everywhere. Promoting special causes, products, and services, these campaigns can pop up on street corners, as dedicated events, or online. The Yellow Pages Umbrella Project is just one example of how an in-hand umbrella activation could generate more than 500k Twitter impressions.

Why do marketers use experiential marketing?

Marketers and corporate professionals turn to experiential marketing because it works. Moreover, differentiating your company brand and core offering is possible through the smart execution of well-strategized experiential marketing activations.

  • Create both physical and emotional bonds with your brand or offering.
  • Increase online visibility with increased social mentions and press.
  • Bridge physical connections between physical interactions and digital loyalty.
  • Associate product equity with other brands or industries.
  • Inspire more purchases and conversions, both short and long-term.

Get All the Experiential Marketing You Need with EMRG Media

Don’t get left behind in 2024 and squeeze every bottom-line boosting benefit out of experiential marketing strategies. In New York City, these are the top experiential marketing agencies to add to your must-collaborate list. Contact our team at EMRG Media to start planning your experiential marketing strategies and activations for next year! We’ll help you get results and execute every detail brilliantly.