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6 Event Planning Logistics Challenges, Solved with a Professional Event Planner

Logistics and coordination can be the most complicated aspects of New York corporate event planning. Every company wants its professional events to go as smoothly as possible. Unfortunately, between Murphy’s law and the nature of events in New York, it’s almost guaranteed at least one snafu or another will emerge – even at the most coordinated of events and conferences.

Luckily, professional event planners are pros at finding those logistic challenges before they even manifest. Backup plans, industry connections, and speed dial contacts all help New York event planners create a seamless experience for their clients. Keep reading and see how a professional event planner can be such an asset to your company with a variety of event planning logistics challenges.

Venue Issues

Venue issues are overwhelming if they happen. Inclement weather, construction blocking an accessible route, or a mistake on the venue staff’s end can all create their own challenges. A professional event planner has a backup plan for these setbacks and more. 

These backup plans can look different, but some may look like:

  • Choosing an outside venue with an inside alternate option for inclement weather.
  • Knowing the local traffic flow to provide alternative routes to the venue in case of an unplanned accident on the roadways.
  • An emergency plan for any plumbing problems, electrical outages, etc.

Supplier Delays

Supplier delays can be last-minute or with a small window of notice. Supplier delays can directly affect any level of corporate events, from catering or entertainment to decor. A professional event planner will have a slew of caterers to initially book for an event and then have a few that are in their back pocket just in case of emergencies. Even if those don’t work out, a local New York event planner is practically guaranteed to have the resourcefulness to find a solution to overcome any event services delays.

Budget Constraints

Budget constraints are one of the most limiting logistics challenges when event planning, especially for corporate events. New York event planners, however, are skilled in working with a range of budgets. In fact, one of the first discussions you have with your event planner should be about a specific budget. This can set the tone for the type of event, options for catering, venues, and entertainment, as well as give perspective for other event extras to consider. Just because an event might have a tight budget doesn’t mean it can’t dazzle all who attend.

Attendee Registration and Check-In

Registering guests (or handling the RSVPs) and having a check-in method for events are two additional logistics challenges that corporate events experience. Small and large-scale events benefit from properly coordinated event registration. Managing event registration is critical, not only to properly prepare for attendee headcounts, but to also provide important event data.

Risk Management

Risk management is especially important if events have any interactive or audiovisual factors that involve strobe lighting, moving parts, heavy equipment, or even virtual reality. While we hope that nothing ever happens at events that could cause guests discomfort or harm, the more interactive the pieces of an event are, the more risk mitigation is necessary. Professional event planners can handle and manage risk-related expectations and management efforts which includes any sort of releases, waivers, or disclosures that may be needed.

Timing and Scheduling

Corporate events benefit heavily from an itinerary. This allows clarity to attendees of what is happening, when, and what to expect for the day, night, or even across multiple days. A professional event planner schedules each aspect of the event down to the minute, even. They’ll also be there to help guide, redirect, and keep the event moving on the big day.

The Best NYC Event Planners

The best NYC event planners are worth their weight in gold, and EMRG Media has the best. Each aspect from start to finish will be handled, organized, and polished for each client and with respect to each vision and any restrictions that need to be considered. 

The New York event scene is a tricky one to navigate on your own. Hire an event planner from EMRG Media and feel confident that your next corporate event, mitzvah, birthday, or product launch will be a memorable experience for each attendee.